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Operation Warm Wishes Brings Home to the Homeless

Operation Warm WishesEvery year for the past few years, Tustin’s own Tyron Jackson has rolled out the red carpet for the less fortunate in Our Town Tustin. This year, on Thanksgiving Day, Tyron and his volunteers will be in Peppertree Park, once again, to bring a Thanksgiving feast to Tustin’s less fortunate with Operation Warm Wishes.

From noon to 5 pm this Thursday, our homeless, families in need, senior citizens, troubled youth and simply anyone who wants to share a great Thanksgiving dinner with their neighbors, can join Jackson, no strings attached.

This is going to be an amazing event for the whole family and community, all to help those in need.You’re invited! Come and be served! For more information please call, 714 363-6621 .

Jackson promises a spectacular time for everyone who attends. There will be food and entertainment for the fifth year in a row. From what I hear, Denny’s has donated mashed potatoes and Trader Joe’s has donated the gravy. Redhill Elementary school has also helped with a food drive aimed at Operation Warm Wishes.

Tyron Jackson is no stranger to the community, particularly the homeless and less fortunate. He holds several events a year to promote awareness of homelessness, mental illness and to support the less fortunate in our community. Sock drives are a particular forte of his and he was recently seen passing out blankets and other cold weather items to help keep them warmer on these recently chilly nights.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I have so much to do,….. I have the entire family coming over,……. Homeless? We don’t have homeless in Tustin (yes, we do)…..” But, how hard would it be and how much time  would it take to stop by Peppertree Park and let Tyron know how great it is that he does this? You might even feel the urge to share slice of pie with his friends.

Happy Thanksgiving. Oh, and in case you were wondering, no boring Planning Commission meeting this week. The City Council meets on December 3rd for what will probably be (with any luck) their last meeting of the year.

SARAH Feeds the Tustin Homeless

Darth Vader asked me to post this.

SARAH, that’s the Spiritual And Religious Alliance for Hope, sent out their most recent newsletter. There is a blurb about helping out at the Thanksgiving Feast for those less fortunate, Thursday, November 22, 2012, in Peppertree Park. They are, of course, looking for volunteers to help out in two hour shifts between the hours of 8am and 5pm. They promise guest speakers and entertainment. To volunteer for this event, call TyRon Jackson at 714-363-6621. Yes, this is the TyRon of local fame. You may even get to meet him.  For more information on SARAH go here.

TyRon called me to introduce himself and to let me know all about the upcoming Feast. He says this is his fourth year organizing the event and, this year, he wanted to go over the top. So, instead of renting a hall or using Hometown Buffet as he has in the past, he called the city and rented Peppertree Park….. the entire park…… for the entire day. He says he is expecting quite a crowd. And, while volunteers are needed, he really wants to emphasize the “community” of this event.
“No one will be turned away”, says Jackson. “We had a tremendous outpouring of generosity from folks that will allow us to feed everyone.” He wouldn’t say how many he is expecting. But, this is his fourth year organizing this event and I trust the fact that he rented the entire park for this event. He has planned speakers and entertainment, hoping for a great day. “The weather will be perfect,” says Jackson, whose Facebook page says he is a Behavior Intereventionist for TUSD. He is also touted as a singer, actor and all-around good guy. We agree.

Jackson promises that no one will be turned away. While he wants to serve the less fortunate among us, he also wants this to be a day of community and coming together for a common purpose. We can’t volunteer as we will be serving turkey dinner to 15 or so of Orange County’s youngest criminals. But, if you have a few hours to spend volunteering, TyRon could use you. If you  are not up to singing for your dinner, just enjoy the food as, like he says, he has plenty to go around.


Happy Thanksgiving

All of us here at Our Town would like to wish all of you in our town a very Happy Thanksgiving. Things have been tough the past few years for our Country. But, with the determination and willingness to work together, we are pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and moving on. Even though we have much to worry about, we have much to be thankful for.

So, I hope you will pray to your Higher Power (the atheists may pray to their Inner Self) that we continue to recover. We have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but to the rest of the world, who still relies on us to be the light of freedom and democracy.