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On the Agenda, March 20, 2012

The City Council will be met with a full agenda when it convenes on Tusesday, March 20, 2012.

Closed Session
Items 1 and 2 appear to be the same as the past couple of meetings. with the council conferring with the city attorney on possible litigation. Additionally, there are five claims to be considered, all but one from private parties. The fifth is a claim from the Estancia Homeowners Association in Tustin Ranch.

Item 4 – Exiting Litigation includes the two lawsuits between the city and Tustin Unified School District. The oldest of these two lawsuits is scheduled to be heard early April in Santa Ana. The case between the city and T-mobile is also set for discussion but we have no other information regarding it at this time.

Public Hearing

Two public hearings are scheduled.
Item 1 Tentative Parcel Map and Conditional Use Permit is a request by the owner to allow redividing of three current parcels into four in order to facilitate the sale of the individual offices as medical condos. This is the medical complex behind the Pharmacy and Chipotle on Newport Avenue. If your doctor’s office isn’t back there, you may never even have known it was there. In any case, the use will not change and the city is requiring certain conditions to be met to bring the facilities up to date.

Item 2 General Plan Amendment and Specific Plan Amendment to MCAS. The only issue we have with the approval of this plan is the loss of open area in the form of a 9 acre park that was included in the original neighborhood plan. This was also a concern for the Planning Commission last month. And, although the housing remains basically the same, it does change some aspects in allowing up to 30 percent of the total units to be rentals (read apartments).

Consent Calendar

The usual items. Expect a few to be pulled for discussion, including:

Item 6. Destruction of Records – Well, we don’t really expect this item to be pulled. We just wanted to remind the city about a prior major destruction of documents years ago that resulted in a recent fiasco.

Item 12 Administrative Support and Successor Agency Approval of Administrative Budget – Looking over the budget for the Successor Agency, one has to wonder why they have allocated $300,000 for City Attorney services. There is pass-through to three other attorney offices. Looks like the lawyers will continue to get rich from RDA, uh, I mean, the Successor Agency.

Item 15 Council Followup – This item may be pulled just because it was an item of concern for Councilmember Gavello at a previous meeting. It seems to be mostly informational concerning the construction at Jamboree and the 405 Freeway.

That’s it. Unless the Smart Meter folks show up, it seems to be pretty run of the mill in Our Town Tustin for the City Council meeting.