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#Occupy Tustin – This Time for Sure


I just got tweeted a reminder that @OccupyTustin is on again. The person who notified me of the event says they will be meeting today at 1pm on the corner of Newport Ave. and Irvine Blvd. in front of the Wells Fargo Bank.

Recently, the Occupy movement has suffered some setbacks as a coordinated move by many “occupied” cities was mounted to oust the peaceful demonstrations from their encampments. Oakland also saw some rioting from opportunists who tried to use the cover of the movement to hide unlawful and sometimes violent activity. When the NYPD rousted Wall Street demonstrators, they reportedly  regrouped on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here in Orange County, protests have been vibrant but peaceful. In Irvine, the city council granted them a temporary permit to camp, apparently seeing that the overnight tents were as much a symbol of 1st Amendment rights as any oratory could be.

Santa Ana was less than enthusiastic with the proposition of hundreds of protesters joining the throngs of homeless in the civic center area. They were so concerned of a possible riot, that the police department placed their mounted detachment in readiness to quell the crowds with hoofbeat and baton. Of course, the expected disruption never occurred and their actions, once again showed how out of touch the city is with reality.

So, here in Tustin, don’t expect the unwashed multitudes to crowd the street during the afternoon commute, blocking your way to your afternoon martini. But do expect what we have seen in other Orange County cities – a hearty band of men and women from all walks of life who will stick up for the 99%. And, if you feel the call, join them for a few hours. You might have that nagging question answered.