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Tustin Police Look For Sexual Batterer

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CRIME WARNING: Sexual Battery Crime Series

The Tustin Police Department has received five reports of sexual battery since April 19, 2014. In each incident the suspect approached the female victims and grabbed a private area of the victim. In most cases the suspect has grabbed the buttocks; however the suspect has grabbed the vaginal area on one victim and lifted the dress of another victim. The suspect has also tried to kiss one of the victims. After committing the act the suspect flees the area on foot.

In four of the incidents the suspect has targeted adult females, however in one case the victim was a juvenile.

The incidents have occurred at several different locations in the City, on various days and various times. In most cases the victims have been walking/jogging in public areas, in two cases the victims were approached while standing at mailboxes and different locations.

The suspect is described as a Male, age range from early 20s – 30 years old, 5’9”-6’1”, medium build, Hispanic or Middle Eastern, dark hair, some cases describe the suspect has having facial hair.

The Tustin Police Department is seeking help from the public in identifying the suspect as well as identifying any additional victims.

Anyone with information is requested to contact Detective Pam Hardacre at 714-573-3248

Tustin Police Look For Predator

Suspect 2
Tustin Police Department is looking for a sexual predator who molested a 7 year old girl at a local market.

On Wednesday, January 15, 2014, at about 12:00 pm, a man approached a 7 year old girl from the rear and touched her with his exposed penis. The attack took place inside the Bodga Ranch Market located at 1112 Walnut  Avenue, Tustin. The suspect fled before witnesses could detain him.

He is described as Asian, 30-40 years old, 150 pounds with black hair and mustache. AHe was last seen wearing black shirt, dark shorts with white socks and dark shoes.

Tustin Police are looking for anyone may be able to identify the suspect as well as other victims. Anyone with information is urged to call Detective Nguyen at 714-573-3253.

Santa Cop a Huge Success – Press Release



TUSTIN, Calif. – On December 12, 2013, The Tustin Police Department held its 24th annual Santa Cop party.  This program provides children in the Tustin community presents to open on Christmas day.

Santa Cop 2013 Approximately 24 years ago, a Tustin Police Department employee came up with the idea to help families with limited resources provide presents to their children.  The Tustin Unified School District assisted the Police Department by providing names of families needing assistance.  Police employees also submitted names of families they came in contact with in the field.

 The first Santa Cop program kicked off with twelve families.  It grows every year and last night, we were able to provide presents to 157 children who wouldn’t have otherwise had a present to open.   The families were provided dinner and Santa made a special appearance bringing Holiday joy and gifts.  The children enjoyed face painting, balloon hats and popcorn throughout the evening. 

The smiles on the faces of the children when Santa arrived with presents made it a very special evening for all of those in attendance.

The Tustin Police Department would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Santa Cop program.  It would not have been possible without the time given and donations by the following organizations:

 Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Kiwanis Club of Tustin, Tustin Host Lions Club, T.E.A.M. (Tustin Effective Apartment Managers), Golden West College Police Academy Recruits, Executive Director Cherrill Cady, Miss Tustin and her Court, D.J. Omar, Tustin Police Explorers, Tustin Police Volunteers, City of Tustin employees, and local businesses and residents.  Dinner was provided by Roma D’Italia restaurant and the face painting and balloon hats were provided by Clowning Around Entertainment.  

 The Tustin Police Department wishes the community of Tustin a joyous, peaceful, and safe Holiday Season. 

Tis the Season

Phone ScamsAs we move into the holiday season, the scammers are out and about. This press release from the Orange County Sheriffs Department is but one of many we will see this year.

Law Enforcement Phone Scams Soliciting Money

YORBA LINDA, CA – (November 19, 2013) – The Orange County Sheriff’s Department advises the public to be aware of phone scams involving subjects pretending to be law enforcement personnel.  Several instances of this type of fraud have been occurring throughout Orange County.

 On Tuesday, October 29 a male subject, fraudulently identifying himself as Lieutenant Mike Stevens with the Orange County Warrant Division, called Lorraine Johnson, 69, of Yorba Linda, and told her that an arrest warrant had been issued for her failure to appear in court on a traffic citation.  Stevens told her the violation was captured by a traffic camera in Yorba Linda.  He also told the victim there was a glitch in the system and the notice to appear in court was never mailed to her.  Stevens told her the bail amount was $365 and that he could help her pay her bail.  Stevens instructed Johnson to purchase a “MoneyPak” card and provide the card number to him so he could pay her bail.  He also advised the victim to stay on the phone with him while she purchased the card just in case she was pulled over by a police officer.  He said he could explain to the officer what she was doing so that she would not be arrested on the warrant.

 A more recent case in Laguna Hills involved a victim being contacted on his cell phone and advised that he owed back taxes to the IRS.  The caller fraudulently identified himself as Assistant Sheriff Mark Billings with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and stated that he was working with the IRS to collect the debt.  The caller told the victim that if he did not purchase $4000 in “MoneyPak” cards and give him the numbers, the SWAT team would be forced to raid his home and arrest him.  The caller ID number on the phone call fraudulently indicated the call was coming from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department’s non-emergency phone number.

 The public is advised that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department does not solicit by phone. If anyone receives similar, suspicious calls do not give out any personal information such as social security number, bank account numbers, etc. and report the call to the Sheriff’s Department at  (714) 647-7000 .