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Pauly Swings and Misses, Spitzer Feints

Todd Spitzer

The race for Orange County Third District Board of Supervisors is heating up. But, one really has to wonder why.

I see that Deborah Pauly has spent most of her campaign funds on shiny new yard signs that she has posted in strategic areas around Tustin. I even saw one in her home town of Villa Park today. It was pretty prominent and the only one in the area. I figure it must be her house or a relative who couldn’t get out of displaying it. Coincidentally, the yard sign for Todd Spitzer I had posted in my yard, mysteriously disappeared. Well, maybe that nice campaign girl will call and offer to replace it.

Pauly must have used the rest of her meager funds to mail out a slick campaign piece. I got mine in the mail last week.  She had no new message to deliver so she relied on the tainted letter from the Orange County  District Attorney’s Office. You now, the one Susan Kang Schroeder, chief mouthpiece for T-Rack, lamented that Spitzer erred in calling himself a Deputy District Attorney after he had been fired? It seems that Susan, wife of Repubican Party kingpin, Mike Schroeder, decided to blast Spitzer for a minor error that had already been corrected, in a letter to him. Only problem was, the letter was given to Deborah Pauly before it was even mailed out. No one wondered how that happened as the legendary hatred Schroeder and Rackauckus have for Spitzer is only shadowed by Pauly’s inane attempt to use this ruse to gain voter confidence.

Apparently, either her endorsers have dismissed Pauly’s racist attitude toward Muslims and have embraced her “world christian view”, or they have dismissed it altogether and hope it won’t come back to haunt them. I favor the second over the first. I will say that Pauly’s endorsement by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is a big one. But, the only other noteworthy endorsement is Chuck Devore. Devore, if you will remember, entered the race swinging. Then suddenly, he decided to forego his bid for Supervisor and head to Texas where he has been bashing California ever since. C’mon, Chuck, we know you want to come back.

Devore actually had the best chance of beating Spitzer. But, he was aware of Spitzer’s huge warchest (we’ll get to that in a minute) and probably felt he would not be able to compete. I guess he didn’t stop to think that Spitzer, who can raise money at the drop of a fake letter, would save that cash for his dream job of Orange County District Attorney (it’s OK, Todd. Just do a good job as Supervisor for the next four years). In any case, Devore, a wannabe career politician, took off for higher ground. Oh yeah, if you haven’t kept track, Spitzer started the race with $1.1 million dollars in the bank, plus assorted other accounts. Since then, he has raised a boatload of money because, while Deborah is out cashing in PET bottles for their redemption value, Spitzer just has to mention he is holding a fundraiser and the ATM starts ringing.

Spitzer also sent out a campaign mailer this week. This was a slick two sided piece with a photo of Todd with Repubican Party Chair, Scott Baugh (apparently, not everyone in the Central Committee hates Todd). The other side has the usual blather about being a tax fighter and his record as a legislator. Oh, but what is this? On the back side is a nice little side note that says, “A Rating from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association”. So, while the Jarivs folks may not have endorsed him, they certainly think a lot of him. Take that, Deborah. One thing that is definitely missing is any word, good or bad, about Pauly. In fact, Todd would not even mention her by name for the first 4 months or so of his campaign. And, in every debate, he sent Pauly walking. In fact, we heard she actually walked out on the last one.

The most often heard complaint about Spitzer from Pauly is that he voted for the enhanced pensions that have now been “proven” to be bad mojo. Never mind the mystical accounting scenarios the federal government requires that puts any pension that relies on investments for funding at a disadvantage (most do), Todd has stated emphatically that, had he to do it over again, he would not have voted for the enhanced pensions for county employees. How many times does he have to say he is sorry?

It is interesting that a lot of political blogs keep bringing up Deborah Pauly’s run-in with the police over a DUI incident last year. We aren’t saying that she used her vast powers as a Villa Park Councilwoman to sway the police. But, she certainly used poor judgment in the situation. Had she even thought of the consequences of her actions in regard to a political career?

Now, I only bring this up because a recent blog post elsewhere attempted to equate Spitzer’s hiring of a Democrat political pundit who has a felony DUI record a few years ago for a Christmas party, with Pauly’s poor judgement. I hardly see the similarity as the guy, Vern Nelson, was simply paid by Spitzer to play the piano. The blogger asks, “Where was Todd’s concern for public safety?” So, hiring an ex-felon piano player is equal to using poor judgment, being drunk in public with your drunk spouse at the wheel of a vehicle trying to outrun a DUI checkpooint? Nice try. I should tell you the blogger in question has a personal hatred for both Vern and Todd and thinks a racist like Pauly is the better candidate. He is also running for the OC Board of Education. You might want to consider that when you vote in June.

June 5th is coming up quickly and will be here before you know it. Absentee ballots, which account for the majority of votes in this county, have been sent by the Registrar and received by most households. For those of you who are teetering on the edge, we have a few recommendations. First, and foremost, is Todd Spitzer for 3rd District Supervisor. I know Todd personally. He is an opportunist, to say the least. Don’t expect him to sit down and talk to you about issues unless you have a checkbook in your hand. But he is honest about it. And, he has a proven track record. Forget the legislature, where he was relegated to the doghouse. Forget his recent failed bid for OCDA (but not his track record as a prosecutor). Remember the fact that he has an excellent record as a former member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. He is endorsed by every notable Republican in Orange County and even Democrats like his boyish good looks. He is the only logical choice against an opponent who is a proven racist and whose only political experience is that of Villa Park Councilman, of whom even her own colleagues refuse to endorse her. They have, by the way, all endorsed Todd.

Who’s Teaching Your Children?

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Like most people, we usually find ourselves standing in the booth on election day, looking at candidates for superior court judge, minor boards and commissions and just voting for the person with the nicest sounding name (if there aren’t any incumbents running). Face it, we just don’t ever think we will be in front of a judge and we never hear of the boards and commissions in question unless it is election day or a board member is mired in some ethical squeeze.

The other day, our good friends over at the Liberal OC wrote a story on a candidate for the Orange County Board of Education, Area 1, and why we shouldn’t vote for him. Area 1 serves a portion of Tustin. The candidate in question is none other than the well-known political blogger, Art Pedroza. The Liberal OC cites three major reasons why Pedroza is unfit to serve on the BoE. Among them are his inability to manage money and his unwarranted attacks on the Lib OC which resulted in a judgement against him for cybersquatting and redirecting URLs to gay porn and NAMBLA sites.

From the OC Liberal article:

1.  Mr. Pedroza can’t manage money.  Last April, he and his wife filed a Chapter 7 Petition for bankruptcy claiming assets valued at $471,518 and liabilities of $751,448, putting his total indebtedness at more than $279,000. In his filing of April 2011, Mr. Pedroza’s monthly expenses were more than $500 greater than his combined monthly family income, meaning each month, he was sinking deeper and deeper into debt.  Since he doesn’t appear to have full-time employment outside of his part-time adjunct teaching position at Cerritos College, we have no idea what his family income situation is today.  His mortgage is greater than the value of his home and, at the time of his Chapter 7 filing, he carried more than six figures of debt on a second mortgage while continuing to maintain a financial interest in a timeshare at a pricey Carlsbad resort.

At the time of his filing in April 2011, Mr. Pedroza still had unpaid state and federal taxes from 2008 on his filing to the tune of nearly $4,700 making him a tax scofflaw.  He owed more than $73,000 in student loans to ACS Educational Services of Utica, NY (a city 12 miles from where I grew up) and another $22,000 in student loans from Nelnet of Lincoln, Nebraska.

And he had more than $13,500 in credit card debt including a lawsuit filed against him by FIA Cardmember Services of Wilmington, DE.

The Pedrozas had a combined family income of $125,988 in 2010 compared with a combined family income of $87,495 in 2009.  The bankruptcy filing was Pedroza’s second and much of the debt in his filing was not dis-chargeable; it was an attempt to dismiss our November 2010 legal judgment of $17,000 but we were successful in filing a relief of stay to re-instate the judgment and his debt to us. And this was before we secured a judgment of $30,000 and another for $7,300 in unpaid sanctions for not following the orders of a federal judge in December 2011.  This information is nearly a year old; for all we know, he has a well-paying new job and is current on all his bills–and there’s always that $500 million Lottery prize this Friday.

Add nearly $55,000 in the lawsuit judgment we have secured against him, and his situation appears worse today, not better.

Like we said, he can’t manage his own money.  How do you think he’d do voting on taxpayer dollars?

2.  Mr. Pedroza equates Gay Porn and NAMBLA, an organization dedicated to legalized sex between adult men and young boys (pedastry), as “parody” and therefore protected free speech.  Mr. Pedroza filed an argument against our motion for summary judgment too late for the federal court, but we did secure a copy of his filing.  In his own words, he defended his forwarding of domain names associated with our names to gay porn and NAMBLA sites as parody which is protected free speech.  In his court filings, he left out the fact he was demanding significant amounts of cash to stop redirecting the URLs and only did so after being exposed publicly.  Without being specific about the NAMBLA and gay porn sites, he defends his forwarding of
domains in his own words:

Clearly the sites that the Defendant forwarded the URLs to were meant to be construed as parody. And it is intellectually dishonest for the Plaintiffs to complain about
the forwarding to the NAMBLA site when they defended perverts in a post published on April 1, 2010, which is attached as Exhibit 9.  In that post they ridiculed the Defendant because he had
asked the Santa Ana Police Department to investigate instances of men having sex with other men at Santa Ana’s Santiago Park.  If they are so against being linked to NAMBLA, why did the Defendants appear to defend the practice of men having sex at the park with other random men – with playgrounds nearby?  The fact is, none of the websites the URLs were
forwarded to contained false or misleading information.  They were legitimate websites The URLs were forwarded to these sites, again, as parody, which is protected free speech under the First Amendment.
And again the Plaintiffs argued that the Defendant profited from the URLs he purchased.  He did not.  In point of fact he did not have any paid advertising on those sites.  The paid advertising was on the Orange Juice blog, not on the URLs he purchased.  They were not used to promote any commerce or services.  They were only used as parody

(If you’ll note, our post was parody and part of our April Fool’s series of stories; there was no defense of “perverts” and our post showed a photo of the Art Pedroza doll at Santiago Park)

If you’re the parent of a school aged child, how comfortable are you with an elected official who defends the redirecting of URLs to gay porn sites and NAMBLA as “parody,” having a say in the content of your child’s education or how it’s delivered to your child’s school?

3.  Is Art Pedroza fit to hold office?  No.

We’ve received a share of emails from Pedroza over the past two years, the first loaded with threats and the last several begging us to drop the suit while complaining about his lot in life.  We were also blamed for actions he took.  He claims it was our fault he did what he did.

In November 2010, he threaded to commit suicide and was angry at us for taking him at his word and contacting the police.  Due to the unstable nature of those emails, we were concerned that he might do himself or his family harm.

From our view, Art also has a hard time deciding just who he is as a person. He originally ran the Orange Juice Blog. Then when that got mired in the lawsuit, he “sold” it to a friend. He also runs the New Santa Ana blog as well as the new OC Politics blog. He has changed political affiliation more often than I change my shirt and is currently registered as a Libertarian (I shudder at the thought). And, according to the Liberal OC, he has “found the Lord”, after threatening to commit suicide. Stability does not seem to be a strong suit of Pedoza.

Neither does fairness or free speech. He has banned numerous people from commenting on his sites because they manage to come up with adequate arguments against him that would appear to thwart his view on politics. He has chided me and attempted to minimize my comments so many times that I rarely, if ever, bother to comment on his blogs anymore. Unlike most of us who understand that discussion is healthy and that we can all agree to disagree at times, Art does not appear to like disagreement.

In any case, we are glad he “found the Lord”. Good for him. But, we have to agree with Dan and the Liberal OC that Art Pedroza is the wrong person to be managing the education system in Orange County. It is unfortunate that Long Pham, our current Area 1 boardmember, does not appear to be running again. But, there are three other candidates besides Art Pedroza and I suspect I would rather have any one of them take the seat.  So, this year, before you open that mail-in ballot or before you stand in that booth on election day, take the time to read the information on the other candidates and choose wisely. After all, these are the people that provide the leadership of the education system in our town Tustin.