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Ruling The High Seas

2013 seapowerpicTustin Library Program educates the community on the value of a strong Navy in role of global peace.

US Navy ships are like freight trains. They are big, powerful and, who doesn’t like ’em? The history of our naval force goes back to the origins of our country. The United States Navy is the oldest and largest peace keeping force in the world. Called to action on a moments notice, Navy firepower is always at the center of conflict in some of the most remote areas of the world.

On September 17, 2013 at 6 pm, local naval historian, Ivan Bishop, will Lecture on the history and evolution of sea power and its vital role in the total armed forces picture. Ivan is the 1st Vice-Commander of The American Legion Tustin Post 227 and a former Naval officer.

Ivan joined the U.S. Navy through the Officer Candidate School in 1962 while attending Texas Tech. Upon graduation from OCS, he was commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy and assigned to an oiler (a refueling ship) as the communications officer. He finished his career as a Lieutenant in the Naval Reserve before moving on to private life.

It was the Cuban Missile Crisis that garnered his lifelong interest in sea power and its effect on the world. Since his Navy days, he has conducted extensive research in the history and evolution of sea power around the world. It is this accumulated knowledge he will be sharing with his audience.

This would also be a great program for those considering a career in the armed forces. Ivan will speak about his experience in Officer Candidate School and discuss the application process for those who are interested.

As with all library programs, this one is offered at no charge. You can register at the library desk or call them at 714-544-7725 for further information. The libraray is located at 345 E. Main Street.