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It’s Showtime

We’re not sure if the Tustin City Council made a mistake or if they had a moment of clarity, due to Deborah Gavello’s absence. In any case, we heard they did the right thing about the anti-skateboard, anti-homeless, anti-solicitation ordinance they were supposed to have a first reading on tonight and sent it back for a rework. Apparently, the Girls Scouts actually did come and tug at their heartstrings, lamenting about the permits for 1100 scout moms during cookie season. We heard that Jerry pulled back because no one gets between him and his cookies. Hopefully, they will ask the City Attorney to rethink the whole Livescan fingerprint issue which is what we have a heartache with (along with the obvious push against the homeless in our city). At $120 a pop, there will be no cheap solicitations in our town. We’ll have more later. -jg