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The OC Supervisor’s Embarass Themselves

squirm firm oc“You’re here to help us, not embarass us nationally.” That’s the words from Orange County Supervisor, John Moorlach, as he lashed out at the Orange County Grand Jury for their latest missive dinging the Board of Supervisors for massive mis-management of CalOptima. Two scathing reports caused the Fair Political Practices Commission to initiate an ethics investigation into the handling of the organization by the Board.

All I can say is, it’s about time.

I can also say it is shameful the way the Board of Supervisors reacted. Although any reader of Our Town Tustin knows I have little regard for the Orange County Grand Jury, it never surprises me how the, so-called, Republican Leadership continues to deny corruption and, when denial fails them, lashes out at those who speak the truth.

PBS SoCal televised the ranting supervisors in the video above. Each supervisor took a swipe or two at the Grand Jury. But, it was Todd Spitzer, future District Attorney and, presumably the Grand Jury’s boss, who actually had the gall to infer that Orange County has no corruption. News flash, Todd, Orange County is about as corrupt as can be and no amount of denial by you or your corrupt cronies on the Board can allay the belief of the voters here in the Real OC.

Supervisor Janer Ngyuen, saying the report “demoralized” her and her family as well as “the 500 employees who work at CalOptima”, was laughable in her defense of a situation that she clearly manipulated to garner favor wtih her constituency when she was appointed as the Board’s representative to the organization. I have news for her, the 500 employees of CalOptima were probably laughing their collective asses off when they saw this video.

Grand Jury Foreman, Ray Garcia, says he stands by the reports. “The only thing I will say about the corruption thing is, you  ought to read the corruption thing. It’s a chronology of four decades of malfeasance, misfeasance and downright crime.”  Unlike us, Garcia says he was surprised on the backlash from the ethics commission suggestion. Of course, we’re not.

This video shows one thing: the Orange County Board of Supervisors have shamed themselves, more than any report or investigation possibly could. Instead of whining about this, as Shawn Nelson and poor, little hurt Janet Nguyen did, they should be taking an honest look at themselves and how they have acted during their tenure. From failures to identify and rout out sexually criminal behavior to how they have treated the employees in general of this county, they have led among Republican leaders in this county to hide the truth from the public. And now that they have been called on it, all they can do is scream and yell at the messenger.

The investigation will take a year or more. In truth, I don’t expect much to come of it. Ann Ravel, the chief of the FPPC is a milkweed at best. She has never outed any politician, Republican or Democrat for a substantial infraction and I don’t expect her to do much more than pay lip service to this. It is refreshing to see this out in the open, however. And it is fun to watch the worms squirm.

It Just Gets Better

You know, I am not quite sure why Todd Spitzer is even bothering to campaign against his opponent Deborah Pauly. He could save himself a ton of money for his future District Attorney race if he would just step aside and let Pauly’s supporters do his campaigning for him. If you follow Todd on Twitter, then you already know what I am about to post. If not, you are in for a real treat.

Posted on the Tuesday morning L.A. Now blog of the LA Times website, was an article titled, “O.C. supervisor hopeful gets support … on George Wallace letterhead”.  Right below that was the infamous 1963 picture of Alabama Governor, George Wallace standing, defiantly, at the door of the University of Alabama, challenging the Feds to allow African Americans to enter the building to register for classes. It was iconic at the time, somewhat shameful in present day context. But, it was a part of history. And, for some reason, one of Deborah Pauly’s supporters, Bob Walters, latched on to it and decided to send out an independent mailer on Deborah’s behalf.

From the LAT blog:

The political mailer that recently arrived in Orange County mailboxes seemed from a different era, embossed with a tiny portrait of former Alabama Gov. George Wallace and the campaign slogan: “Wallace for President, Stand up for America.”

But the letter contained no direct mention of the fiery Southern politician, who gained a national  reputation as a segregationist during the civil rights era and died in 1998 after four failed presidential campaigns.

Instead, it was a plea to American Independent Party members to elect Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly to a seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

The letter was written by Bob Walters, a businessman from Orange who identified himself as the chairman of Wallace’s bid for president in 1967.

Now it’s the subject of a complaint filed by Orange County political watchdog Shirley Grindle, who said the campaign piece violates state law because it doesn’t mention who paid for it. Further, Grindle says in her May 13 complaint to the Fair Political Practices Commission, Walters failed to file as a committee with the secretary of state’s office.

In the letter, Walters refers to an incident last year when Pauly came under fire for comments she made outside an Islamic charity event in Yorba Linda.

Outside the event, protesters carried American flags as they booed and chanted at families entering the center to “Go back home.”

“I know quite a few Marines who will be very happy to help these terrorists to an early meeting in paradise,” she said at the time.

Walters commended Pauly for the protest and said the Villa Park councilwoman “recently led a demonstration against two radical Muslims speaking up in Yorba Linda.”

He said one of the Muslims was “trying to recruit homegrown terrorists right here in our backyard!”

“We need Deborah Pauly and her brand of hard core limited government, fiscally-conservative positions on the County Board of Supervisors,” he wrote.

Walters did not respond to requests for comment.

Pauly also drew ire last year when she wrote on her Facebook page that applauding President Obama’s healthcare bill was “like applauding a mugging or a rape. Do you feel sodomized?”

Pauly said she has not seen the mailer and doesn’t know much about Wallace.

She blamed opponent Todd Spitzer’s campaign, which she said is “working hard to dig up all kinds of noise” leading up to the June 5 ballot.

Spitzer is a former state assemblyman and Orange County supervisor.

Pauly said she can’t do background checks on all potential allies.

“I have a lot of supporters who come out to help me in a variety of ways,” she said.

— Nicole Santa Cruz

OC’s own political watchdog, Shirley Grindle, blasted Pauly, filing a complaint with the FPPC against Walters for not filing as a “committee” and for sending out the mailer without saying who it came from – but not a word from anyone about the racial connotations. Huh. Well, after all, this is Orange County.

OK, so I agree that Pauly may not have had anything to do with the mailing. Yet, she feels that she has to blame Spitzer’s black ops guys on working hard to dig up all kinds of noise against her. The truth is, she should be hunting down Bob Walters who purportedly sent this on her behalf. Perhaps Bob knows Deborah Pauly as well as we all do – a racist bigot who would fit right in with the old George Wallace.

Now, in George’s defense, I lived in Alabama about the time he decided to run for Governor after being shot and paralyzed. He won the vote by a huge margin because he didn’t just see the light about racism, he actually made the most sincere apology I have ever heard from any politician, ever. He threw himself down before the community and garnered a huge vote from both the Blacks and Whites of Alabama. He lived the rest of his life making amends for his transgressions. Perhaps there is a paranormal lesson from George in the afterlife to Deborah after all. It isn’t too late, Deborah.

Just the same,  don’t expect to be elected like George was.