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Some Familiar Faces In Local Political Races

A few readers have asked me to look into other races besides the city council. So, when I started looking around, I found a few familiar faces in the crowd. We have only a few months before elections in November and I will be posting information on candidates for the local races. I’ll let you make up your own mind on Obama-Romney. You wouldn’t like my choice, anyway (neither of them).

We’ll start with an update on the city council race. As I reported earlier, Mayor John Nielsen, former Mayor Chuck Puckett and newcomer, Allan Bernstein have all pulled papers. As of yesterday, David Waldram also pulled papers. None have filed as of yet.

Waldram is kicking off his campaign this weekend with an open house and BBQ at his residence from 6-9 pm on August 3rd. The event will be held at 190 Orangewood Ln., Tustin, CA.  Waldram has a one-page website that you can see here. He actually has quite a bit more on his website from his previous run for the dais. The information is a bit dated but you can access it here. Waldram should really get going on updating the website. The front page message will not hold electors’ attention for long.

We understand that Allan “Doc” Bernstein also held a fundraiser at the Wilcox Manor. He listed several former mayors that would join him and his guests for a sit down dinner and entertainment. Hope they had a good time. Bernstein does not have a website up yet but he apparently has pulled a domain name. So, expect something soon.

We are still hoping a few others will join this horse race and give Jerry’s Kids a run for their money.

Tustin City Council

Allan “Doc” Bernstein – Podiatrist (Chiropodist for the Gooderhams)

John Nielsen – Tustin Mayor website

Chuck Puckett – Planning Commissioner website

David Waldram – Small Business Owner website

Tustin Unified School District

James H. Laird – Incumbent

Francine Pace Scinto – Incumbent

Elias Teferi – Independent Educational Consultant

Tammie Bullard – Incumbent

East Orange County Water District

Douglas M. Chapman – Incumbent

Doug Davert – Lawyer

Bill Vanderwerff – Incumbent

That’s it for now. We are in the process of putting the community college district information together and will post it next time. If you are aware of any other races we should be tracking (and, of course, commenting on) let us know.