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Greetings From the Hinterland

Planning Commission Chairman pro tem, Chuck Puckett

Greetings from Northern California. After a rocky start in a faulty RV, my family and I finally ditched the plans to go camping (actually, RVing) and decided to  rough it in a nice hotel near San Francisco.

The reason for this late post, if you have not figured it out by now, is there will be no Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, July 10, 2012. Apparently, building has just slowed down for the time being, giving our intrepid commissioners a couple of weeks of breathing space. After dealing with the Bret Fairbanks issue earlier this year, I say they deserve it. Besides, Chuck Puckett needs some Facebook time with Lisa Woolery, who appears to be more than happy to let him campaign for free on the city dime.

Now, Chuck has made it plain that he intends to run for mayor… uh, councilmember,  yet he has not stepped down from the Planning Commission as I think he will be required to do. Ah, it could be he is waiting until the last minute, when he has to file his intention statement. Maybe he plans on turning in his resignation at the same time. In any case, Jerry….uh,…. I mean, John…..yeah, John…. will have time to find a suitable righty replacement on the commission.

Also, Chuck, I suggest you check with Doug Davert, our former mayor and councilmember. His partner, David Loe,  can probably suggest some places around town where you can see another lingerie show before you get elected. Get it out of your system, you know. And, if you don’t want to be recognized, maybe John or Al can loan you their Mardi Gras masks. I’d show them to you but I promised John not to use them again. You can see them here, though.

So, having found a hotel that does not charge me for a WiFi connection, I am sure I will be blogging from afar. Although my heart is in San Francisco, my thoughts will be with Our Town Tustin.

Where the Chili Meets the Road

It’s a long post, but we have pictures – ed.

The nice thing about living in Old Town Tustin is that, anytime an activity like the Annual Tustin Street Fair and Chili Cookoff or the Broadway in the Park happens we can just go. We don’t have to worry about parking (although, after I heard some people were being charged $10 for parking, I may just open my driveway up next year). We don’t have to worry about planning our day or being away from the house too long. We just get up and go when we are ready.

So, of course, the Chili Cookoff last weekend was a natural for us. Keep in mind, we do not go to these events to find the local politicians and other folks whom we often write about in this blog. But, when opportunity arises, we will take full advantage of it. We’ll get to that later.

Over the years, we have found that it is better to go early rather than later. Although it may sound cooler to go later in the day, you miss a lot of stuff by waiting. For example, the music and entertainment are always better when the bands are fresh. And, this year, they had at least three stages we saw with entertainment going on almost all the time. The best, however, was when we stopped on Main St. for some chili and found ourselves next to a trash can percussion band. We didn’t get their names but, they were one of the best we’ve heard. They later played in front of the main stage but their prior impromptu banging near the chili booths, seemingly as a warmup, was great.

Of course, we had to sample chili. And, sample chili we did. This is another reason we have found to come early: the chili, at least the best chili, usually runs out by 1 pm or so. This year, the chili gods must have been listening as most of the chili cookers were still serving long past 2 pm. There is no such thing as too much chili in our book. So, we were happy to see there was plenty to go around.

If Chili wasn’t your thing, you still had plenty to choose from. Commercial enterprises like Der Wienschnitzel  and Tasti D-Lite were there, along with a lot of fundraising booths touting their various causes from cheerleading to dance to breast cancer awareness. Even The American Legion Post 227 was there, as usual. Although I belong to a different post, I used to be a member of this one and all of these men and women are great friends of mine. They do a wonderful job of presenting and supporting veterans causes in our community and are always looking for new members. In fact, while I was at their booth, a young man approached and asked, “What is The American Legion?” I was happy to share with him and he explained that he had joined the Army and was about to be deployed. I thanked him for his service and handed him over to one of the guys to sign him up. Last I heard, Post 227 gives free membership to all active duty members of the Armed Forces. Way to go.

Many of these booths offered every kind of food from bratwurst to bagels. Although we collectively saved our palates for chili (yes, we are connoisseurs and make our own award-winning brand of chili), all of the food smelled delicious. The price was right, too. A gripe I have about the Orange County Fair is the outrageous cost of food, as if profit is king. The idea of fairs should be to provide great entertainment and food at a reasonable cost. And, that is where the Tustin Street Fair and Chili Cookoff really shines. You can go and have fun, eat chili or other fair type food that is prepared with more heart, and enjoy a great day without breaking the bank. On top of that, the profit goes to local charities and efforts, not into someone’s pocket.

Oh, and did we say the street fair is dog friendly? We take Amber the Wonder Dog with us each year we go. With her backpack, she is self-sufficient, carrying all of her worldly needs. Snacks, water and doggy-doo bags fit neatly into her backpack and she is ready to go. Of course, she met lots of people who were more than happy to pet her and fawn over her like their own dog. We are fortunate. There is only one Amber the Wonder Dog and we own her. But, we happily share her with others. And, ours wasn’t the only dog there. I counted over fifty that Amber made friends with (and a few she didn’t… but, no incidents), all having a good time on a very nice day. With temperatures not too hot, all the dogs were having a good time.

We would also like to mention that some of our downtown shops are dog friendly. Since they opened, Free Soul Cafe on Main Street, has welcomed dogs to its patio while their owners enjoy both vegan and non-vegan delights from their bakery and selection of coffees.

And, while sitting down and eating a little chili with my ale (Blue Moon, of course), a woman approached me, asking if my dog was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Why, yes, she is part Ridgeback. So, we talked for a few minutes during which she told me about Johnny Jeans, the new shop right next to Quinn’s Old Town Grill. It seems the owners have a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Johnny. Apparently, they love their dog so much, they named their shop after him. Unfortunately, the namesake wasn’t there at the time. But, they invited Amber in and gave her plenty of attention. They wanted to make sure we told you they are dog-friendly as well.

So, this was turning out to be a great day. The temperature was just right, chili was flowing and we were having fun. We even stopped by the Tustin Community Foundation Booth and took a look around. The folks were busy doing whatever foundation folks do. So, we didn’t want to ruin their day by announcing who we were. It is too bad they couldn’t reciprocate. Remember how we told you that we did not go around looking for politicians (most of whom were gathered around the chili judging tables)? OK, I admit, I saw a couple of Todd Spitzer’s supporters (none from his arch-nemesis) hanging around a chili booth and I asked if he was there. “Uh, yeah, he’s here somewhere. I just saw him.” It was unfortunate that we saw several of our local politicians, including Boss Tweed Amante and his heir apparent, Alan Bernstein, acting like celebrity chili judges. Even former councilmember, Doug Davert took time off from his busy schedule defending Trinity Broadcasting Network and himself, to judge chili. Gosh, thanks Doug. Say hi to Brittany for us.  Imagine our surprise to see another chili judge, Councilmember, Deborah Gavello, having apparently just been assailed in public by Erin Nielsen, Executive Director of the Tustin Community Foundation and wife of Mayor John Nielsen. We asked, but no one was saying much (city employees like their jobs). All I could get was Erin calling Deborah “bad” or something like that. The only thing Gavello would tell me in a brief email later was that it was a  misunderstanding. OK, we’ll go with that. But, we have to wonder if she is taking a clue from Boss Tweed Amante and falsely accusing others of collusion as well. So just to put things straight, Erin, if this is about the blog, your anger is misplaced. Ask your husband and he will tell you, I get all the information I need from the plethora of public records requests I make. Oh, and the TCF website, of course. Kudos to your webmaster (can I get on the mailing list?).

Preferring to miss the throngs leaving the area, we finally left the street fair around 4pm. We had a great time and, unlike the OC Fair, are already looking forward to next year. It seems like a long way off but, we’ll have Concerts in the Park and the Dinosaur Dash to keep us busy until next year. Oh, and our kid will be auditioning for Broadway in the Park. Erin’s not on that board, is she?

Where Are They Now?

It’s amazing what you come across as a political blogger. You often wonder what happened to this commissioner or that county supervisor after they left office. Thanks to an alert reader, I got to see what one former Tustin city councilmember and mayor was up to these days.

You may have seen recent articles on concerning the Trinity Broadcasting Network, reputed to be the largest televangelist organization in the world. TBN, a so-called word-faith based church, is conveniently headquartered right here in Orange County, just a few miles from our town Tustin. Few evening travelers along the 405 haven’t seen the gaudily lit building just South of the freeway near the South Coast Plaza. Allegations of drugs, sex and the misappropriation of funds by the TBN board of directors, made the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker “Praise the Lord” scandal of the ’80s look like a schoolyard shakedown. It’s a good bet that even Robert Schuller is quaking in his robe at this one.

In the latest article in the Register, it seems that even Paul and Jan Crouch’s granddaughter, Brittany Koper, is out to reveal some embarrassing facts and exact her own form of justice. She is also going about it in an interesting way by suing her former lawyers in Federal Court. She has accused them of the some of the same things the TBN board has been accused of including breach of fiduciary duty, negligence and, get this, sexual assault.

Apparently, Koper had questions about payments made to boardmembers and went to her lawyers, who were also TBN’s lawyers at the time, for advice. The answer she got was rather shocking: Sit down, shut up and return all the money she ever made from TBN to the church. And, who were the lawyers? One of them was Douglass S. Davert, partner of Davert & Loe Lawyers in Long Beach, and former mayor of Our Town Tustin.

On Religion News Blog, the complaint alleges a variety of evil deeds including breach of fiduciary duty and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. According to the complaint:

Ms. Koper sought the Defendant Attorneys’ legal advise about these matters. In response, the Defendant Attorneys acknowledged that the conduct in question was unlawful but nevertheless advised, encouraged and instructed Ms. Koper to perform and cover up such unlawful activities within the TBN Companies. The Defendant Attorneys told Ms. Koper that she needed to do as the TBN Companies’ directors and senior executives instructed Ms. Koper to do, or else Ms. Koper was “Going to get into trouble.” The Defendant Attorneys told Ms. Koper that she was “legally prohibited” from doing otherwise, and that she “really [had] no choice in the matter” but to do as she was told.

She goes on to accuse Davert’s law partner, David Loe, of sexually assaulting her (the Religion Blog report was in error, saying that it was Davert), touching her inappropriately and making lewd suggestions to her. In reading the complaint, I am surprised she did not have him arrested for attempted rape. And, one has to wonder why an “upstanding” person like Doug Davert would consort with such people as Loe, let alone go into business with him. Well, they are lawyers, after all.

Of course, our good former mayor, in his best lawyerly fashion, said her allegations are “outright fiction and wholly without merit. The allegations are defamatory and to the extent they get printed, we are going to defend ourselves vigorously.” He also says there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye and, that it was actually Koper and her husband who did the misdeeds. Both Koper and her husband, Michael, have been accused of misappropriation to the tune of $400,000.  Koper says that lawsuit filed against them by Redemption Strategies Inc. was a pre-emptive strike to discredit them. Well, I guess it is all in the timing.  It does seem interesting that, at one time, Davert was Koper’s lawyer and he is now champion of the TBN cause. It is also interesting that Redemption Strategies Inc. was formed by David Loe, yes of Davert & Loe, on October 17, 2012 and the lawsuit was filed October 18, 2011.  The law firm address is listed as the address for the corporation so it wold be safe to say they are one and the same. You have to admit, Redemption Strategies Incorporated is a pretty catchy and all-encompassing name.

But, there appears to be more to it than that. Koper alleges in her Federal Complaint that Redemption Strategies was formed for the specific purpose of suing the Kopers and being able to issue “numerous subpoenas” to multiple banks and other institutions seeking the bank records of Ms. Koper and the other defendants in the Redemptions Strategies litigation. The aim of all of this, according to the complaint, has been to keep her and the other defendants from spilling the beans about Trinity. Sorry, Doug, the word is out. I don’t think this lame attempt of starting a sham corporation to shut up the whistleblower is going to work this time.

It’s interesting that Davert’s law firm website touts his time as a Judge pro tem and proudly states he served twice as mayor. It also claims, “Davert & Loe is committed to providing efficient, high-quality legal representation to the business community as well as to the individual client.”  Huh….. OK…..

So, here you have it. Our former mayor and councilmember has been busy in the private sector, defending the likes of mega-church magnates Paul and Jan Crouch and, according to at least one account, helping them hide their misdeeds while being accused of fraud and fiduciary irresponsibility themselves. I look forward to seeing how this all turns out. We will be sure to keep you apprised as we know that our town is always interested in what our former city fathers are up to.