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Waldram Signs Up

Courtesy Orange County Register

Yup, we are still in Northern California, where at least one commenter would prefer we stay. We’ll be back next week. In the meantime, enjoy-jg

We recently received a forwarded email from David Waldram. As you may know, David previously ran a strong but unsuccessful campaign for Tustin City Council, barely being edged out by Beckie Gomez. He is running again in 2012 and has declared his candidacy on his website and in this email:

During the last campaign for City Council, I was so appreciative of the support and endorsement of many of you.  Since then, Kendra and I have had many wonderful life changing moments including the birth of our daughter and purchasing our first home here in Tustin.  Having been born in Orange County and raised in Tustin, I am blessed to now be raising my own daughter in my hometown.  We are facing a momentous election season.  We will be voting not only on whom should be our President, but ultimately which course our country should take to best strengthen our economy and remain the moral compass of the free world.  In our own hometown we have a similar choice ahead of us.

With the many challenges facing America, believing in your hometown is needed now more ever.  After much prayer and consideration, I have decided that I should run for City Council in this upcoming election.  I believe in Tustin just as I believe in the greatness of America.  Giving back to both is why I am running for office. 

Waldram also has a website with much the same message on the home page.  This website is a retread apparently and there are no links on the home page to other pages. However, if you want to see the rest of his site, go here. On the website, he has a link that will take you to a questionnaire that allows the user to enter the issues he or she thinks is most important to them regarding the city.

Waldram claims he will be fiscally responsible and points out the fiscal irresponsibility of the current council with such facts that the city council has been running a deficit budget for the past two years (but we already knew that). He also points out the unnecessary increases to water rates.

One thing we especially liked seeing on his website is, “Rudeness towards citizens and each other [is] unacceptable at City Council meetings. I will show respect to all & listen to all views.”

That would be a refreshing change.

Next week, filing begins for the Tustin City Council race. It is interesting to see that we have two declared candidates and one who has all but declared already in the running. Get your wallets out. Although city races don’t usually require a lot of money,  I suspect the one who reaps the most in political contributions will have a distinct edge.

One question remains. Will Deborah Gavello run again? In a recent interview with her, she said that she had not decided. She feels strongly that, with the right mix of people on the city council and a toning down of the rhetoric that has become too common lately, she could continue to be an effective voice for city residents. One thing for sure, she has at least $17,000 in her campaign account as of the first of the year. We understand she has been busy garnering new contributions and that number could be quite a bit higher during the next reporting cycle. That is huge jumpstart in a race where even a few dollars can make a difference.

And the Race Is On

We got word yesterday that Chuck Puckett and Allan Bernstein have filed statements of intent to run for Tustin City Council.We also know that David Waldram will probably run as he has filed campaign statements for a 2012 run for City Council.

We don’t know much about Bernstein, yet, but hear he lives in Jerry’s neighborhood. He has also been associated with Amante in fundraising efforts. If it is who we are thinking about, he is the principle in a company called Ethnicitee Apparel Co. His wife also runs a daycare that recently requested an exemption for the number of children housed there.

Chuck Puckett is a city council retread and former mayor of our town. He chairs the board of the Tustin Community Foundation (who’s executive director is Mayor John Nielsen’s wife) and the City Planning Commission, although he will eventually have to step down from that post to run for city council.

Chuck was mayor in 1991 and later was allegedly ousted by Tracey Worley over a scandal involving lunch at a lingerie show charged to a city credit card. Sounds pretty racy to us. We will have to see if the voters have a long memory or are willing to forgive and forget.

With more than one seat open on the council, I expect to see a pretty good cross-section of Tustinites running this year along with plenty of fireworks to keep us entertained. We will keep you posted as the filings come in. Actual nomination papers will be filed July 16 to August 10, 2012.

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