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Worley – Waldram Kick Off Their Campaign

Tustin City Council Candidates David Waldram and Tracy Worley-Hagen

Tustin City Council Candidates, Tracy Worley-Hagen and David Waldram, have hit the ground running with back to back fundraisers all over town. Waldram held a separate fundraiser to kick off his campaign a few weeks ago at his home. Following that, Tracy Worley-Hagen joined him for a fundraiser held at the Loveland residence in Tustin Ranch. A large crowd of supporters joined them for discussion, food and to hear the candidates speak about their views on the city.

Waldram and Worley-Hagen then held a fundraiser at the Hewes House in Old Town Tustin  on Friday, Septbember 14th, where they kicked off their joint campaign with new yard signs sporting the Worley-Waldram logo. Both candidates have said they are concerned over the real budget issues of the city and the ongoing disparagement of residents who try to speak against the council majority.

This is an interesting experiment in city politics because the two candidates, running together, are politically disparate. As Waldram pointed out to the sizable crowd, he is not interested in walking a party line, he is interested in doing what is best for the city. Worley-Hagen echoed that sentiment.

Tracy Worley-Hagen is a veteran city council member and 4 time mayor of Tustin. She was instrumental in obtaining the Tustin Marine Corps Air Station base at a no cost transfer to the city, making this one of the last bases to be transferred that way (apparently, the Feds have finally wised up and realized the land they transfer is worth something).

The Worley-Waldram campaign will be holding another fundraiser on Thursday, September 20, 2012 from 6:30-8pm at the Machado home.

Worley-Waldram Event Flyer

On the City Council Agenda, July 17, 2012

The Tustin City Council may have a lot to talk about during their closed session tomorrow night. Unless continued (again), the now infamous TUSD v. City of Tustin case is scheduled for a court date. The first day salvos (we are betting they don’t ask for a jury trial) should be telling. If we could be there, we would. I doubt there would be any reportable action by our city attorney. The best case scenario would be the judge issues a judgment, as they did in the Riverside case, in the school district’s favor and we are done.

In open session, there will be a hearing on a design review for a new restaurant/loft building on Main Street near El Camino. The existing building was used as an auto parts distributor and machine shop. The parking lot also held the owner’s military vehicle collection. The new use will be a significant change and a definitive addition to Old Town with a mixed use of restaurant, office and living space. The Tustin Planning Commission previously gave a thumbs up on the plans. Let’s hope the City Council will do the same.

Under Regular Business, the council will take up another of Jerry’s follies, the ballot measure that would allow the voters to decide if councilmembers will receive stipends and other benefits or not. This ballot measure, as previously described by city staff, is a yes or no measure. It will not set compensation or benefits, only determine if the council will get any at all. That makes this a bad measure from the start and not the one Amante originally called for.

When this was first brought up, Amante asked to have the voters set compensation from zero to whatever. It would appear the city manager or someone asked out of session for clarification. If that is the case, the city council, once again, violated  the Brown Act. Jerry may not recall it that way, but the video does not lie. It is pretty plain what he had asked for.

Before the council Tuesday is the issue of establishing a commitee to prepare ballot arguments and rebuttals. My bet, if they do establish a committee, is it will be comprised of Al Murray and John Nielsen. If Amante is on this committee, the blogs will have a field day with it. Ideally, of course, would be to give one spot to either Beckie Gomez (our pick) or Deborah Gavello. Don’t expect that to happen, though.

Prior to the Open Session, Boy Scout Troop 33 will receive a presentation from the City Council for their 60 Year Anniversary. Congratulations from OTT.

Closed Session

  • Conference with Legal Counsel -Exposure/Initiation of litigation – 2 cases each.
  • Liability Claim of Joseph Robles
  • Conference with Legal Cousel City of Tustin v. TUSD, TUSD v. City of Tustin

Regular Session

Public Hearing – Design Review 125 W. Main St.

Consent Calendar

  • Cancellation of August 21st meeting due to lack of quorum
  • Special City Council meeting called August 14, 2012 to discuss city’s participation in Public Agency Retirement Services Supplementary Retirement Plan
  • Award bid for Frontier Park Fitness Element to Micon Construction as the low bidder.
  • Adopt Resolution No. 12-48 to Approve Plans and Specifications and Authorize Advertisement for Bids for Construction – Fire Station #37 Tustin Legacy

Don’t forget, today is the opening day for candidates to file for city elections. With some candidates already having declared intent, this looks to be an interesting election year for Our Town Tustin. We will keep you posted as we find out who the candidates are.