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OK, it’s almost June 5th and you still have not sat down with your spouse or significant other, sample ballot in hand, and made your decision on who to vote for. Or, maybe you are just one of those folks that closes your eyes in the voting booth and hopes for the best (how could you do any worse?). If you have not sent your vote-by-mail ballot in or, like me, you prefer to exercise your right at the local polling place, here is our take on the locals you will be voting for. This is only for the races that really count and not for anything that brings in the “top two” votes. We may cover those when it matters, in November.

Gary Johnson – President of the United States

Courtesy of Christian Science Monitor

Hey, I am a Libertarian after all. Johnson is the best candidate for President the Libertarian Party has ever produced. He is articulate and clear on Libertarian values and has the respect of the entire party. But, it is his running mate that I like even better. Homegrown, OC boy, Jim Gray is a former Superior Court Judge who makes no secret of his belief that America has lost the war on drugs. He thinks money spent combating drugs on the street would be better spent elsewhere… or not spent at all.

Gail Lightfoot – United States Senator

The field is thick with candidates for Senator. At last count there were 14 Republicans and 6 Democrats vying for the seat. Lightfoot has the best name recognition of all of them, save for Orly Taitz, another crackpot conservative. She also has demonstrated “fiscal responsibility and social tolerance”. And, you wonder why we like Libertarians.

Todd Spitzer – District 3 County Board of Supervisors

Todd Spitzer

Todd Spitzer and Deborah Pauly have put on a pretty good show for us, centered mainly on Twitter and Facebook. Pauly, who banned me from her Twitter feed (I guess she didn’t know I could just pull it up anytime, even if I can’t follow her), has tried her best to come up with some worthy zingers against Todd. But, in the end, she just doesn’t have what it takes. It must be that inner angry religious and racial bigot peeking out.

Todd, on the other hand, has made the most of the opportunities Pauly has presented him. He has deftly wielded the DUI issue without making too big a deal about it. I haven’t followed the past few days since a Pauly supporter, Bob Walters, sent a support letter out with a photo of Alabama Governor George Wallace standing in front of the University of Alabama, refusing entry to black students. Walters, who claims he was Wallace’s campaign manager for a failed presidential run, was obviously equating Pauly’s firm conservative views to Wallace, right? Funny, she did not disavow herself from Walters or the letter.

Deborah Pauly

Todd is actually running for Orange County District Attorney. That position just isn’t open yet, and he needs to keep busy in the meantime. So, for now, he is running for County Board of Supervisors. He is the only candidate with both local experience as a former county supervisor, and statewide experience as a legislator. He has major endorsements from around the state and the county. In fact, all of Pauly’s colleagues on the Villa Park City Council have endorsed her opponent. He has also managed to outraise Pauly in campaign funds. So much so, that he was able to run an effective campaign on the raised funds without touching a dime in his warchest (he is saving that for the OCDA race).

Todd often manages to put his foot in his mouth but he is actually interested in making the county a better place. And just as quickly as his foot goes in, it comes back out again as he can usually turn most criticism away.

Bob Hammond – Orange County Board of Education Area 1 Trustee

Yes, we’ve broken away from the Libertarian slate on this one, for good reason. For whatever reason, they have chosen to endorse someone we just cannot stomach. We warned you of this in an earlier

Robert Hammond

post and stand by our post. Pedroza is absolutely the worst person for this position for all the reasons we wrote about here.

Bob Hammondis a former United States Marine and teacher. He has the endorsement of the (shudder) Republican Party as well as former Tustin Councilmember, Jim Palmer. In the grand scheme of things, I think an accountant would be better than a teacher in this position only because of the fiscal management responsibilities of the board. But, for  that very reason, you definitely don’t want Pedroza watching the purse strings.

Yes on Measure A Office of Public Adminstrator

It is time to rein in the number of elected offices in the County. Public Administrator is a job most people did not even know about until last year when Public Administrator/Public Guardian John Williams got into hot water over a number of issues, including helping to railroad Todd Spitzer when he was fired from his job in the District Attorney’s office. It is pretty evident that the DA’s right hand girl, Susan Kang Schroeder, colluded with Williams on this one.

More importantly, the job does not pay that much and it is, at best, a part-time job that should be relegated to a Mangager III rather than an elected official who can’t figure out how to keep them from locking him out of his office.

No on Measure B, Mandatory Minimum Pension Selection

A big no on this one. Everyone thinks this is a great idea. That is what the Board of Supervisors wants you to think. However, as it stands now, Supervisors may take the regular, non-public safety pension or they can opt to take no pension at all. With this change, we are giving them a gift. With all these so-called conservative Republicans around, would it surprise you to know that only Bates and Nelson refuse their pensions? Your other three conservatives, including the career politician and employee who will reap a windfall pension when he retires, John Moorlach, gladly take their pensions, car allowances and Optional Personal Benefits Accounts to the tune of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. Send this one back to the drawing board with a no vote and demand your Supervisors take NO pension.

Yes on Prop. 28, Term Limits

I’ll tell you right now, we are not fans of term limits at the state level. While we gladly voted for them in the old days, it has become apparent that term limits, in their current form, are useless and have done more harm than good. The immediate result of term limits in California was to put every legislator and statewide elected official into permanent fundraising mode for the next election cycle. In fact, legislators spend more time working on keeping their jobs than actually doing their jobs. Oh, you can blame the evil unions if you like but Republicans all get their money from the various chambers of commerce, business coalitions and, so-called, tax reform organizations. Let’s not forget AT&T drops millions into candidate accounts and has full-time lobbyists for their business. It’s just good… business, after all.

Prop. 28 is a long way from what I would like to see: elimination of term limits. But, it does help in that legislators will be able to remain in one house, hopefully gaining experience and wisdom along the way. At least, that is the idea behind this current change.

Term limits at the local level? Absolutely! Local politics is not the place for professional politicians. Recently, John Moorlach attempted to garner interest in changing term limits for the Board of Supervisors. That’s probably because the Republican Party has shown little interest in sending him to Sacramento. And, he will be out of a job soon enough. He is not alone. Santa Ana City Councilmember, Claudia Alvarez recently sought an opinion on their term limits measure to see if she could run for three more terms. And, can anyone, even his so-called friends, imagine 4 more years of Boss Tweed Amante and his fiscal responsiblitity? Where’s my iPad?

No on Prop. 29, Tobacco Tax

I know, I know. I should stop smoking those darned cigars. But, this really isn’t about that. The tax on non-cigarette products is rather minimal and I have voted for these taxes in the past. However, this one was so poorly written, it almost begs the government to set up another useless, money-stealing bureaucracy to mis-manage tax money and send it out of state. There is almost no oversight and, most importantly, no requirement for the money to be spent on research withing the state of California, where we have premiere cancer research laboratories. Just say No and send this one back to the drawing board. Then come down to the Chili Cookoff. I’ll be the one in the panama, smoking a pre-embargo cigar (I might even have Amber the Wonder Dog with me).

Who’s Teaching Your Children?

Courtesy of the

Like most people, we usually find ourselves standing in the booth on election day, looking at candidates for superior court judge, minor boards and commissions and just voting for the person with the nicest sounding name (if there aren’t any incumbents running). Face it, we just don’t ever think we will be in front of a judge and we never hear of the boards and commissions in question unless it is election day or a board member is mired in some ethical squeeze.

The other day, our good friends over at the Liberal OC wrote a story on a candidate for the Orange County Board of Education, Area 1, and why we shouldn’t vote for him. Area 1 serves a portion of Tustin. The candidate in question is none other than the well-known political blogger, Art Pedroza. The Liberal OC cites three major reasons why Pedroza is unfit to serve on the BoE. Among them are his inability to manage money and his unwarranted attacks on the Lib OC which resulted in a judgement against him for cybersquatting and redirecting URLs to gay porn and NAMBLA sites.

From the OC Liberal article:

1.  Mr. Pedroza can’t manage money.  Last April, he and his wife filed a Chapter 7 Petition for bankruptcy claiming assets valued at $471,518 and liabilities of $751,448, putting his total indebtedness at more than $279,000. In his filing of April 2011, Mr. Pedroza’s monthly expenses were more than $500 greater than his combined monthly family income, meaning each month, he was sinking deeper and deeper into debt.  Since he doesn’t appear to have full-time employment outside of his part-time adjunct teaching position at Cerritos College, we have no idea what his family income situation is today.  His mortgage is greater than the value of his home and, at the time of his Chapter 7 filing, he carried more than six figures of debt on a second mortgage while continuing to maintain a financial interest in a timeshare at a pricey Carlsbad resort.

At the time of his filing in April 2011, Mr. Pedroza still had unpaid state and federal taxes from 2008 on his filing to the tune of nearly $4,700 making him a tax scofflaw.  He owed more than $73,000 in student loans to ACS Educational Services of Utica, NY (a city 12 miles from where I grew up) and another $22,000 in student loans from Nelnet of Lincoln, Nebraska.

And he had more than $13,500 in credit card debt including a lawsuit filed against him by FIA Cardmember Services of Wilmington, DE.

The Pedrozas had a combined family income of $125,988 in 2010 compared with a combined family income of $87,495 in 2009.  The bankruptcy filing was Pedroza’s second and much of the debt in his filing was not dis-chargeable; it was an attempt to dismiss our November 2010 legal judgment of $17,000 but we were successful in filing a relief of stay to re-instate the judgment and his debt to us. And this was before we secured a judgment of $30,000 and another for $7,300 in unpaid sanctions for not following the orders of a federal judge in December 2011.  This information is nearly a year old; for all we know, he has a well-paying new job and is current on all his bills–and there’s always that $500 million Lottery prize this Friday.

Add nearly $55,000 in the lawsuit judgment we have secured against him, and his situation appears worse today, not better.

Like we said, he can’t manage his own money.  How do you think he’d do voting on taxpayer dollars?

2.  Mr. Pedroza equates Gay Porn and NAMBLA, an organization dedicated to legalized sex between adult men and young boys (pedastry), as “parody” and therefore protected free speech.  Mr. Pedroza filed an argument against our motion for summary judgment too late for the federal court, but we did secure a copy of his filing.  In his own words, he defended his forwarding of domain names associated with our names to gay porn and NAMBLA sites as parody which is protected free speech.  In his court filings, he left out the fact he was demanding significant amounts of cash to stop redirecting the URLs and only did so after being exposed publicly.  Without being specific about the NAMBLA and gay porn sites, he defends his forwarding of
domains in his own words:

Clearly the sites that the Defendant forwarded the URLs to were meant to be construed as parody. And it is intellectually dishonest for the Plaintiffs to complain about
the forwarding to the NAMBLA site when they defended perverts in a post published on April 1, 2010, which is attached as Exhibit 9.  In that post they ridiculed the Defendant because he had
asked the Santa Ana Police Department to investigate instances of men having sex with other men at Santa Ana’s Santiago Park.  If they are so against being linked to NAMBLA, why did the Defendants appear to defend the practice of men having sex at the park with other random men – with playgrounds nearby?  The fact is, none of the websites the URLs were
forwarded to contained false or misleading information.  They were legitimate websites The URLs were forwarded to these sites, again, as parody, which is protected free speech under the First Amendment.
And again the Plaintiffs argued that the Defendant profited from the URLs he purchased.  He did not.  In point of fact he did not have any paid advertising on those sites.  The paid advertising was on the Orange Juice blog, not on the URLs he purchased.  They were not used to promote any commerce or services.  They were only used as parody

(If you’ll note, our post was parody and part of our April Fool’s series of stories; there was no defense of “perverts” and our post showed a photo of the Art Pedroza doll at Santiago Park)

If you’re the parent of a school aged child, how comfortable are you with an elected official who defends the redirecting of URLs to gay porn sites and NAMBLA as “parody,” having a say in the content of your child’s education or how it’s delivered to your child’s school?

3.  Is Art Pedroza fit to hold office?  No.

We’ve received a share of emails from Pedroza over the past two years, the first loaded with threats and the last several begging us to drop the suit while complaining about his lot in life.  We were also blamed for actions he took.  He claims it was our fault he did what he did.

In November 2010, he threaded to commit suicide and was angry at us for taking him at his word and contacting the police.  Due to the unstable nature of those emails, we were concerned that he might do himself or his family harm.

From our view, Art also has a hard time deciding just who he is as a person. He originally ran the Orange Juice Blog. Then when that got mired in the lawsuit, he “sold” it to a friend. He also runs the New Santa Ana blog as well as the new OC Politics blog. He has changed political affiliation more often than I change my shirt and is currently registered as a Libertarian (I shudder at the thought). And, according to the Liberal OC, he has “found the Lord”, after threatening to commit suicide. Stability does not seem to be a strong suit of Pedoza.

Neither does fairness or free speech. He has banned numerous people from commenting on his sites because they manage to come up with adequate arguments against him that would appear to thwart his view on politics. He has chided me and attempted to minimize my comments so many times that I rarely, if ever, bother to comment on his blogs anymore. Unlike most of us who understand that discussion is healthy and that we can all agree to disagree at times, Art does not appear to like disagreement.

In any case, we are glad he “found the Lord”. Good for him. But, we have to agree with Dan and the Liberal OC that Art Pedroza is the wrong person to be managing the education system in Orange County. It is unfortunate that Long Pham, our current Area 1 boardmember, does not appear to be running again. But, there are three other candidates besides Art Pedroza and I suspect I would rather have any one of them take the seat.  So, this year, before you open that mail-in ballot or before you stand in that booth on election day, take the time to read the information on the other candidates and choose wisely. After all, these are the people that provide the leadership of the education system in our town Tustin.