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An Opportunity to Serve

For those of you who may not have the time to commit to the Planning, Audit or Community Services Commission, there are a variety of volunteer opportunities with the city of Tustin. One that has just come across our desk is a press release from the Tustin Police Department for the Chief’s Advisory Board. This group of community volunteers advises the department on issues ranging from use of force policies to community interaction. It is, in effect, a tool for the Chief to remain in touch with an ever-expanding and diverse community that we have in our town.

From the press release:

The current Chief’s Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of a cross section of Orange County citizens, business owners, and community leaders who have served since the CAB’s inception in 2007. The membership is intended to reflect the diversity of our community and draw upon the experience and expertise of those participating to assist the department in better serving the Tustin community. Chief Scott Jordan stated “I wish to thank the current and past members of the Chief’s Advisory Board for their candid and valued input on a variety of topics over the past five years.” The Police Department is appealing to the community for volunteers who may bring a new viewpoint and additional insight to the existing CAB members.

The committee members will help us focus our resources, training, policies and procedures based on society’s expectations of us. By staying in touch with our community, we can affect quality of life changes at a grass roots level.

Interested persons may contact Lieutenant Pat Welch at 714-573-3282, or email him at If you have not emailed anyone at the city before, expect to receive a confirmation email. This is just to limit spam.