About US

It is about time for Tustin to have it’s own blog and this is it. Please feel free to post political discussions about anything concerning the City of Tustin, California. We have a great small town feel here and it is a great place to live and work. But, like any great little town, we have our politics. And, our politics are your politics if you live in Tustin. So, enjoy the blog and come back often. Even better, feel free to comment. Your comments, unless off-topic, rude or those that personally attack another person (except politicians), are welcome.

About Comments and Commenters

This is a (little l)ibertarian blog with liberal leanings where necessary. We believe in free speech and want to give those who comment on our blog the greatest leeway to allow for the greatest amount of discourse in our political community. For this reason, you may see comments that offend you. Remember, this is the commenter’s view and not necessarilly the view of Our Town Tustin. We do not endorse comments and we are loathe to ban or eliminate comments unless they violate the guidelines above. So, please, if you have problems with a comment, direct your response to them, not to the editors of this blog.

Happy Reading.

  1. HON. Lou Bone, Past Mayor of the City of Tustin

    Who are you? I mean what is your name and who are the other that run this “OUR TOWN TUSTIN”.