Lives Were Touched

“Today we didn’t see a homeless person, we didn’t see a troubled youth, we didn’t see a struggling family, we didn’t see a person who was ill, we didn’t see race, we didn’t see gender, we didn’t see gay, we didn’t see straight, we didn’t see rich, we didn’t see poor, we didn’t see educated, we didn’t see uneducated, we didn’t see Democrat, we didn’t see Republican.”

communityLeave it to our own Tyron Jackson to put on a smash event for the less fortunate in our community. Jackson doesn’t separate, however. Instead, he brings the communitiy together in a way that everyone feels worth and comfort in a sometimes hostile world.

“We wanted a day where our friends and families in need could come and just enjoy themselves. Today we gave them that,” said Jackson in an email blast to his followers.

The community potluck was held at Peppertree Park where a great celebration of life took place with friends, volunteers and those in need broke bread and enjoyed each other’s company. After the event, Jackson went to several places in Orange County to serve and help his “homeless friends and families” that couldn’t make it to Tustin. Volunteers served food and handed out clothing, blankets and other essentials. Radio Station KJLH 102.3, provided music at Peppertree Park for everyone’s enjoyment.

Jackson is already planning his next event, although he hasn’t said when or where it will be held. His community of volunteers and followers will be with him, wherever he sets up camp, to help do what they do best, bring smiles to faces.

Jackson occasionally gets some feedback from those he helps. In a recent missive, he wrote, “Upon meeting with some of our homeless friends today. I ran into one who attended our community potluck. He said he had a great time and he left feeling loved. His exact words were,’You guys made me feel special and now I feel like I can get back up.”

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