Sticking Your Foot In Your Mouth

lucille kringYou’ll be surprised and, hopefully, pleased to know it wasn’t a Jerry Amante wannabe or crony that stepped in it – this time. It could have been, but it wasn’t. This time it was another aspiring idiot and mayoral candidate from the north in Anaheim.

As reported in that pendejo hating news source, the OC Weekly, Gabriel San Roman (writing amazingly in the genre of Gustavo Arellano) noted Anaheim mayoral candidate and current councilperson Lucille Kring, actually had the nerve to write on an Anaheim mailing list for the Anaheim Colony residents:

“Bruno is a true hero as are all the canine police officers. And the shooting saved us a trial. Always a good outcome.”

Bruno is an Anaheim police dog who was shot by Robert Moreno, a known gang member, after he allegedly shot at a couple of Orange County probation officers. The officers were on a home call (presumably not for Moreno) when they encountered Moreno and a couple of his cronies nearby. A brief chase and a couple of gunshots later, the probation officers were high-tailing for cover and calling for help.

Enter Bruno the police K-9 who bravely went after the criminals and was subsequently shot during the incident. The police returned fire and killed Moreno. And, while probably no one outside the deceased’ family & friends is overly sorry he is dead, it is rather cold of anyone, particularly a local politician, to say what she said. Quite honestly, to see this from Kring is rather shocking. Deborah Pauley, maybe, Kring no.

Kring did apologize, saying the remark was careless and insensitive. But, the damage was done and few, if any of her critics, are willing to forgive so easily. The Weekly’s Roman certainly didn’t, saying she “womaned up” while sticking to her original remarks. We do agree with Roman, however, that Kring is about as fork-tongued as one can get.

Kring was better treated over at the Voice of OC where they compared her remark to another Anaheim councilwoman. Gail Eastman came under fire a year and a half ago for using the same mailing list to opine that a riot that occurred in Anaheim was a “big time win” for her political team because it prevented the consideration of ballot measures she opposed. The meeting where a vote on tax subsidies was up for discussion, was stopped due to the violence outside.

Voice of OC reported the retraction, less the Weekly’s ascerbic criticism (hey, they are a news blog, after all). The story was so controversial only two comments were made on the VOC article. We won’t count the Weekly’s only because you never know which comment is directly related to their story.

The incident was a tragic one, to be sure. The young man was a known gang member and no one is disputing he fired shots at the probation and police officers. A K-9 was shot and, fortunately, will survive (although he will probably be retired). Police, believing they were under attack, responded with deadly force. In this case, they were not given the option to bring the perpetrator to justice in a court of law. And,that is the sad part. What is really sad, and seemed to be lost on Councilwoman Kring and others, is that more attention was paid to the injured dog than was the dead man who, as Kring herself acknowledged, was someone’s son, maybe an uncle, brother, father.


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I am a retired peace officer from the 2nd largest law enforcement agency in Orange County. I live in and love Tustin where my family and I have resided for the past 25 years. I am a highly moderate libertarian that despises hardcore Republicans, Democrats and anyone else who is not willing to compromise for the good of the people.

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  1. Lorri Galloway is also running for Mayor of Anaheim. Remarks like Kring’s and the inability of the current Mayor (Tait) to take control when a member of the public calls other council members horrific names exactly why Anaheim needs Lorri Gallowy as their Mayor!

    • Maybe. So far, I haven’t seen a politician in Anaheim worth their salt. They spend way too much time kow towing to Mickey and not enough being concerned with the residents.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

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