Irvine Blogger Finds Life Extreme in a Tustin Bootcamp

extreme bootcampOur Town Tustin’s good friend, Dan Chmielewski, sent this along to us – ed.

I have a confession of sorts.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in Tustin since March.  Most mornings between 5:10 and 6:40 AM in fact.

I’ve been participating in Extreme Boot Camp Tustin Ranch in the 5:30 AM class.  Extreme Boot Camp is a combination intense fitness class and diet program.  The first one in March was tough on me as I was grumpy from a 4:45 AM wakeup call, and amazingly sore from using muscles I haven’t used in a while.  Plus, I’m not good at taking orders.  I’m afraid I was as tough on the instructors at first as they were on me. I wasn’t a happy camper.

Then the soreness went away.  I learned if there was an exercise I just can’t do (reverse crab walks for example), I could ask for a different exercise and still leave tired and sweaty.  On the diet front, you need to measure your food, drink lots of water, and no carbs after 3PM.

In short, the program works.  Today, I’m stronger and more fit than I’ve been in years.  I can do three times as many push-ups as I could in March, almost three times as many sit ups, and I’ve trimmed two minutes off my timed mile run and two inches off my waist.

And I hate running.  I hate running.  Did I tell you how much I hate running?  If there was a hate group for running, I’d join it.  But there’s no doubt, my times are improving.

Some notable changes to report.  Pants fit better.  I have trimmed 9 percent of my body fat since joining has converted to muscle.  I have dropped a little weight.  My goal is not so much weight loss as it is fitness. And after six boot camps since March, I’ll be signing up again for the January 2013 session.

I owe any success I have to the patience of my awesome instructors and the support of some fantastic people in the group.  We have all range of ages and levels of fitness. And we’re done every morning in time to make the kids breakfast and get them off to school.

Please check out their web page at Next week and the first full week of the new year, they are offering a try before you buy deal to see if this camp is right for you.  Instead of signing up for a gym membership where you’ll go once or twice, use the rigid program with assigned times, places and diets offered by Extreme Boot Camp.  Each camp lasts just six weeks and you’ll see results.  And it’s not a fly by night operation.  Extreme Boot Camp was a “small business of the year” in Tustin not too long ago.

You’ll need some of your own equipment.  A good pair of shoes, fitness/weightlifting gloves are a must, an exercise mat, dumb-bells (8-12 pounds for men; 5-8 pounds for women), and a jump-rope.  The first workout is instructional in terms of here’s the name of this exercise and here’s how you do it correctly.

Part of the experience is working out at different city parks on different days.  Pioneer Park, Cedar Grove Park and Tustin Sports Park are amazing facilities that, as an Irvine resident, I’ve come to appreciate if not enjoy.

So if you are planning to make 2013 the year you get in shape, forget the gym.  Go Extreme with Extreme bootcamp.

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