On the Planning Commission Agenda, November 13, 2012

As opposed to the near riot of Wilcox supporters inundating the council chambers a few weeks ago, there are only a couple of things on the Tustin Planning Commission agenda this Tuesday. None of it is likely to generate much interest among Tustinites. Still, we are obligated to report.

The first is a Public Hearing for a Conditional Use Permit for Oxford Tutoring to operate a tutoring facility in an existing location at 3057 Edinger Avenue. They currently operate a facility on Culver Drive. Oxford also operates tutoring and vocational training facilities at two other locations. The proposed facility is located in an industrial/business office area. The staff report indicates the proposed use may be conditionally approved, ergo the request for a CUP. The location will serve future residents of communities planned in the Legacy.

The second item is on the Regular Business calendar and regards updates to the Tustin Parking Code. Anytime I see “minor update” on a listed agenda item, the hair on the back of by neck goes up. Supposedly, Elizabeth Binsack’s staff initiated the update to strengthen parts of the Code. Staff is asking that the item be agendized for a public hearing next month.

There are concerns on the timing of the public hearing as it pertains or may pertain to the Wilcox Manor and their application for a conditional use permit. Looking over the staff report, there are several areas of the code that could pertain directly to how Wilcox addresses the parking issue for their events. The Wilcox Manor is proposing a 200 seat venue for weddings and they do not have any parking at the facility. The residents in the area are divided between those who support Lindburgh and Silent Mike and those who would like to see the traffic issues (along with the strangers and the trash they leave on the street) gone. In looking over the proposed revisions, the event center would seem to need about 70 parking spaces. There is also a blurb in there about the use of valet parking so, that may be how they attempt to get around it.

Is the update necessary? From a make work point of view, I suppose it is. Maybe things are slow around city hall these days, what with the holidays coming up and all. Let’s not forget the recent changes to parking requirements to accommodate business in the Old Town area.

There you go. It should be short and sweet meeting for the Tustin Planning Commission, allowing them to get back to their loved ones in record time. As always, though, you never know what will happen and we will keep you updated.

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I am a retired peace officer from the 2nd largest law enforcement agency in Orange County. I live in and love Tustin where my family and I have resided for the past 25 years. I am a highly moderate libertarian that despises hardcore Republicans, Democrats and anyone else who is not willing to compromise for the good of the people.

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