Foothills Communities Association to Hold Community Picnic

There is nothing like a picnic to bring out the best in people. And, the Foothills Communities Association are getting to be old hands at this. They held a great picnic last year with a great turnout and lots of food, fun and games. The 2012 picnic looks to be shaping up to be an even bigger event while still holding to the tradition of community. That’s what I like about these folks. They have created a community that knows how to have fun and band together under common cause when necessary.

We first wrote about our neighbors to the North when news broke of FCA’s win over the Orange County Catholic Diocese and the County of Orange in a zoning dispute. the Diocese had asked for a change in zoning of property they own in the area so they could build a senior living community. FCA banded together to voice a strong opinion and, when that did not work, took the Diocese to court. The issue does not appear to be over, by any means, as motions have been filed seeking clarification of the judge’s ruling. It is a shame the Diocese, who just purchased the Crystal Cathedral, can’t leave well enough alone.

Back to the picnic. Here is the information from the website:

FUN fall picnic for the whole family!

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the bulk of the cost will be underwritten. Attendee cost is $5 per person for the picnic plus $5 per car upon park entrance. The charge per person is to encourage people who register to show up.

The picnic is open to the first 300 individuals who register.  Everyone, FCA member or not, in unincorporated zip 92705 and unincorporated zip 92780 as well as the FCA members outside of these unincorporated areas, is invited.  All children & grandchildren are welcome.

Location: Irvine Regional Park [see map on reverse side]

Sunday, September 23, 2012, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
[The park is open 6am to 9pm – park amenities will be available all day].

Food to be provided by area restaurants. This is a great opportunity for area restaurants to boost their presence in the community!

 The contact for restaurants is Barbara Ferreira,

Please contact Rick Nelson to sign up for sponsorships.    
(714) 730-7810

Drinks: Cold Lemonade and Water

Fun Stuff from FCA (included)

Face painting
Twisted balloons
Bounce house
The Wacko Show!
Walk Around Magic

The OC Fire Authority (our Fire Department) is bringing ice cream, a fire truck, and fireman badges and hats.
The OC Sheriff Department is bringing a K-9 unit.

Park Activities: (additional fees may apply; some only available 10am to 4pm)
Bicycle & Aquacycle Rentals, Children’s Pony Rides
Irvine Park Railroad (10am-4pm), Zoo

Please remember that advanced registration is required.
Registration is limited to the first 300 registrants.

As noted, this event is open to everyone in North Tustin, not just FCA members. Registration is limited to the first 300 and I doubt they will have trouble reaching their quota. If you would like a taste of the experience from last year, take a look at this video. It was more than enough to get us to register. If the video does not embed, you can find it here.

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