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Yup, we are still in Northern California, where at least one commenter would prefer we stay. We’ll be back next week. In the meantime, enjoy-jg

We recently received a forwarded email from David Waldram. As you may know, David previously ran a strong but unsuccessful campaign for Tustin City Council, barely being edged out by Beckie Gomez. He is running again in 2012 and has declared his candidacy on his website and in this email:

During the last campaign for City Council, I was so appreciative of the support and endorsement of many of you.  Since then, Kendra and I have had many wonderful life changing moments including the birth of our daughter and purchasing our first home here in Tustin.  Having been born in Orange County and raised in Tustin, I am blessed to now be raising my own daughter in my hometown.  We are facing a momentous election season.  We will be voting not only on whom should be our President, but ultimately which course our country should take to best strengthen our economy and remain the moral compass of the free world.  In our own hometown we have a similar choice ahead of us.

With the many challenges facing America, believing in your hometown is needed now more ever.  After much prayer and consideration, I have decided that I should run for City Council in this upcoming election.  I believe in Tustin just as I believe in the greatness of America.  Giving back to both is why I am running for office. 

Waldram also has a website with much the same message on the home page.  This website is a retread apparently and there are no links on the home page to other pages. However, if you want to see the rest of his site, go here. On the website, he has a link that will take you to a questionnaire that allows the user to enter the issues he or she thinks is most important to them regarding the city.

Waldram claims he will be fiscally responsible and points out the fiscal irresponsibility of the current council with such facts that the city council has been running a deficit budget for the past two years (but we already knew that). He also points out the unnecessary increases to water rates.

One thing we especially liked seeing on his website is, “Rudeness towards citizens and each other [is] unacceptable at City Council meetings. I will show respect to all & listen to all views.”

That would be a refreshing change.

Next week, filing begins for the Tustin City Council race. It is interesting to see that we have two declared candidates and one who has all but declared already in the running. Get your wallets out. Although city races don’t usually require a lot of money,  I suspect the one who reaps the most in political contributions will have a distinct edge.

One question remains. Will Deborah Gavello run again? In a recent interview with her, she said that she had not decided. She feels strongly that, with the right mix of people on the city council and a toning down of the rhetoric that has become too common lately, she could continue to be an effective voice for city residents. One thing for sure, she has at least $17,000 in her campaign account as of the first of the year. We understand she has been busy garnering new contributions and that number could be quite a bit higher during the next reporting cycle. That is huge jumpstart in a race where even a few dollars can make a difference.

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I am a retired peace officer from the 2nd largest law enforcement agency in Orange County. I live in and love Tustin where my family and I have resided for the past 25 years. I am a highly moderate libertarian that despises hardcore Republicans, Democrats and anyone else who is not willing to compromise for the good of the people.

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  1. proud liberal

    It is welcome news. There has to be a balance on the council. The prospect of the other two candidates being elected to the council, will allow hizzoner to continue his impact behind the scenes when he finally leaves the council.

    • We will at least get rid of the rhetoric with a new council. Looking over Waldram’s credentials and platform, he is what we should all be looking for. The question is, will he live up to campaign promises and do what is best for the community as a whole.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I know he has my vote, but who else is running?

    • So far, former mayor and lingerie show co-host, Chuck Puckett and Jerry’s neighbor, Alan Bernstein have declared. Yesterday was the first day to file papers. I will be checking every couple of days to see who else is in the mix.

  3. Also reported in the Register is an article about Amante and Murray being selected to co-write the argument supporting the end of council pay and benifits—funny how Amante has chosen to take the lead on this– since he’s out in 4 months it won’t effect him– if he feels that strongly about it then how about returning 8 years of council pay back to the city?

    • Of course, Amanteconomics follows closely on the heels of Moorlachonomics as both of these individuals like to claim fiscal responsibility while frittering away the taxpayers dollar on useless lawsuits and toys.

      Amante is no more likely to stop taking his stipend, even for the time he has left, than Moorlach is likely to not take his pension when he is done on the BOS. The only saving grace is that each of these buffoons are termed out and neither is popular enough to move on to higher office.

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