Councilmember Gavello Comments on Jamboree/I-5 Project

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We heard from Tustin Councilmember Deborah Gavello regarding tonight’s agenda item on the Jamboree Road at I-5 Construction. She had previously asked for information regarding the construction. As she put it:

The fact is that Irvine is paying for the widening of this very busy street improvement. Which is great, but one could put up with it, if it was quick. I believe the 10 freeway that collapsed was fixed in a month, this is taking too long, and our options are limited. Although, not a perfect option for many who live off of Jamboree, one can take Tustin Ranch Road, then come back through Walnut Avenue, then join Jamboree, or pay to get on the toll road at Portolla or Irvine Blvd which joins Jamboree past the 5 freeway. This becomes expensive if used on a daily basis.
There is an old expression, ” There is No such thing as a free lunch”. I really believe this is the case with the Jamboree and I-5 freeway expansion project, as the work here has been going at a snails pace. I reached out with an email to Mayor Pro Tem [Beth] Krom in Irvine asking if we could discuss this. I asked our city staff to set up a meeting for me or for them with Cal Trans to see if we could light a fire under them to get this job completed.
I think most residents think it is just a headache, that they have no choice but to deal with it  every morning and evening. But I believe as an elected official, when I see something that is wrong, I do everything in my power to fix it. That is why I believe the people voted for me, that I would look out for them, so they could focus on their everyday busy lives. I like doing this job, and I enjoy solving big issues. I can’t wait until Tustin Ranch Road is completed so we can move people more easily in and out of our city. Then they can go to work where they must, but return to Tustin to live and shop.
The City Staff did, indeed, check into it. There is an agenda report with a comprehensive summary on the item that looks as if there is a reasonable solution by waiving toll fees in the area until some of the work is done. But, Deborah is right, both in that she was elected to look out for our interests as residents of Tustin and, in that this should have been looked into and discussion with the city council of our neighboring city should have taken place. Unfortunately, it may be too late for anything to be done with the timeline on this section of the project, at least. Maybe in the next phase?

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