First Fireworks Show at Tustin City Council

Did he really say that?? At the Tuesday Tustin City Council meeting, Mayor John Nielsen presented the entire Tustin High School football team with certificates for winning the CIF Championship. Toward the end to the presentation, John told the Tillers Coach, “Win another one. I’ll probably still be mayor”. Really, John? Was this your ESP in action? Or, did you have one of those secret meetings with the Gang of Three where it was decided you would run for two terms as mayor? Well, I guess you have to win the election first.

And that’s how the fireworks began for the evening.

Councilmember Beckie Gomez asked to pull Item 5 from the consent calendar. This item was a change order for current construction at City Hall. After Gomez asked a few innocuous questions, Councilmember Gavello then asked exactly what the city was getting for its $281,000 contract. A city staffer explained that the construction was ongoing and outlined the changes being made to accommodate office space for the city finance department. Gavello was concerned that, after a contract had been let for construction, changes were being snuck in after the fact. Of course, Nielsen interrupted Gavello during her questioning and patted the staff on the back for the fine job they did while chiding her for having the nerve to question staff doing their job. Really, John. Are you going to take up where Boss Tweed Amante left off?

Apparently, not. Jerry, not about to be upstaged by his former black ops guy and just because he’s no longer mayor, took the floor to double-whammy Deborah by telling her that this contract was nothing new and that she should just sit down and shut up while the big boys ran the show. Hey Jerry, news flash: When a contract is let and then changes are made after the fact, particularly if those changes will result in additional cost, it is the responsibility of the entire city council to question the issue and make sure that the changes are for good cause. Should Deborah or the rest of the City Council be asking these questions or should they just “trust” staff? And where was Councilmember Beckie Gomez during this discussion? She obviously brought up the issue for a reason. But then backed off asking deeper questions. No surprise there. I have to tell you, the staffer’s explanation sounded like double talk to me, even though he said he could “handle the question”. Gomez, in her usual style, sat quietly because that appears to be how she gets along with the Gang of Three while still seeming to answer to her constituency. Good luck with that, Beckie. Your non-support is noted.

Now, what was really laughable was when Boss Tweed, yelling and screaming from the dais, actually accused Gavello of grandstanding. Well, Jerry, if there is anyone who would know grandstanding, it would be you. You are, after all, the master.

So, it seems that, even though John Nielsen may not play the heavy, he is more than willing to allow Boss Tweed Amante to continue to batter Councilmember Gavello. We thought he would be better than that and be a little more in control of the dais. Wishful thinking on our part, obviously. At least Jerry called her by her appropriate title, something he rarely did while mayor.

So, here we have it. Another year of fireworks at the Tustin City Council. Perhaps the best we can hope for is that Amante will fizzle out. We already know he’s a dud.

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I am a retired peace officer from the 2nd largest law enforcement agency in Orange County. I live in and love Tustin where my family and I have resided for the past 25 years. I am a highly moderate libertarian that despises hardcore Republicans, Democrats and anyone else who is not willing to compromise for the good of the people.

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  1. Is it true Nielsen doesn’t talk when Amante is drinking water?

  2. I have the video to prove it.

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