Grocery Workers May Strike – Updated

September 18 – It looks like the strike may be off for at least a few more hours. UFCW had earlier said they would strike Sunday evening if talks did not proceed. Shortly before the deadline of 7:10 pm, both sides advised the media that talks were continuing and that workers would not strike as long as both sides remain at the table. This is good news all around. Talks could continue through the night. We’ll keep you posted.

September 15 – We just got word the grocery workers may strike as early as Sunday. The grocery workers and stores were ordered to go back to the table three weeks ago for “intense” negotiations. Those talks have apparently broken down and, unless the two sides can come to agreement, a strike may arise as early as Sunday evening.

Last week I was going through the grocery line at the local Von’s. As the cashier was processing my order, I asked her how the talks were going. “Who knows”, she said. “They don’t tell us anything.” She said that she really hoped they would not strike because she couldn’t afford it. Too bad I didn’t have a bigger order that would have let me talk to her longer. I would have told her that her hardship would be felt by more than just the strikers. As I left, I noticed her nametag said “serving since 2001.”

Whether you agree with the strike, support the unions or believe the whole thing is a waste of time, one thing is certain- a strike will hurt everyone. Hopefully, both sides aren’t taking the day off from negotiations and the strike notice is merely cautionary. I like and shop at several non-union stores in our town. But, I like Albertson’s as well. I’ve read several comments on stories about the strike. Some say they will, some say they won’t cross the picket line. One thing is for sure. In this economy, the strikers will find a lot less support than last time.

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I am a retired peace officer from the 2nd largest law enforcement agency in Orange County. I live in and love Tustin where my family and I have resided for the past 25 years. I am a highly moderate libertarian that despises hardcore Republicans, Democrats and anyone else who is not willing to compromise for the good of the people.

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  1. How about you write a story on how Sherri Loveland, Nathan Menard, Charles Horvath and Jeff Gallagher wasted the time and money of some of the gullible citizens of Tustin for their own political gain and ended up with absolutely nothing.

    Sherri Loveland commented 15 days ago · Flag
    I never claimed that I wasn’t part of this campaign. You are very misguieded! I signed the initial petition to recall Amante so that we could get the ball rolling. Talk to Nathan Menard about the sad campaign; he’s the one who is supposedly in charge! I was never leading it – he was supposed to. And now that I’ve resigned, I see that there have been no updates to the website, Facebook or Twitter! This campaign is dead in the water!
    By the way – I didn’t take your advice. I resigned before your comment!

    • Well, first, maybe you should get your facts straight. I have met Nathan and Charles exactly once at a meeting. I did sign the recall petition but that is as much involvement as I had. Your information (where I had to go looking for the comment you quoted from Sherri) regarding the recall campaign is news to me. I knew that the recall website, as I might say your anti-recall website and your personal websites, had gone without updates for quite some time. And, the only discussion I have had with Nathan since the meeting was to talk about the Fairbanks residence. You will notice, if you took the time to look through the posts on this blog, that I actually was against the recall in the beginning, seeing it as unnecessary, since you are termed out next year anyway.

      What is really evident about your rant, Jerry (if this is truly you), is that you still have great disdain for the “gullible” citizens of Tustin. If I have grief with you, it is over this issue and the fact that you take political issues personally. You treat those who don’t agree with you as something beneath you. That is a shame because the rest of the council, including your hit man Al and your black ops guy Jim, don’t share that trait.

      This blog was created because, quite frankly, Tustin does not have a political news blog and I felt we needed one. Take a look at the “About Us” page. You could also look at the title that says, “bloging political discourse”. That is what it is about. If any of the council, the County board of supervisors or any other political entity is newsworthy and if I believe it might be of interest to the citizens of Tustin, I will blog it here. This blog will be here long after you are gone.

      So, now, can we be friends on Facebook?

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