Planning Commission Tables Tattoo Parlors

Tustin Planning Commission meetings are usually pretty sedate meetings. Apparently they don’t like to take a whole lot of time dealing with public hearings. Last night was no different. Citing time issues, Chairman Jeff Thompson asked to table what might have been a very controversial issue. Thompson asked for and received approval to table the hearing on the proposed amendment to the city code to regulate tattoo and body art facilities. Now before you become incensed, there was apparently no one from the public at the meeting to discuss the issue, one way or the other. So, I guess we will have to wait until the next meeting to hear the outcome of what is, decidedly, a non-issue. The Planning Commission is actually stepping to the forefront in anticipation of hoards of tattoo studios descending upon our sleepy little burg, making sure they have appropriate regulations in place. While there might be concern over certain specifics of the proposal, those could be ironed out during the hearing, should anyone care to attend. Let me tell you in advance that there is virtually no chance that tattoo parlors can be excluded from being established should an enterprising person wish to do so. So, the Planning Commission is doing the next best thing: regulation, regulate, regulate.

Most of the other issues were taken care of in short order with little discussion. Only the proposed change to the use permit of the Baden Baden Restaurant drew any attention at all. Owner Chris Kim made a passionate plea to allow him to expand business hours to 2 am. The denial was solidified when a spokesman for TPD related stories of stabbings, altercations and “overserving” at the establishment. That pretty much nailed the coffin shut. So, our residents that live in the neighborhood can rest relatively safe.

One interesting item heard was from Chairman Jeff Thompson himself. During “Commission Concerns” Thompson related that he attended the USC football game where he saw our newly appointed City Attorney David Kendig who waved hi to him. Thompson quickly stated, “I shouldn’t have broadcasted that because now our Mayor knows, being a UCLA graduate, that may not be a good thing.” Oh, I’m sure it was nothing. How long does Jeff have left on the Commission?

It is unfortunate that the Planning Commission Workshop was not recorded and there appears to be no way of finding out what occurred at that meeting. The issues discussed in the workshop were, admittedly, of more concern to the public than the public hearing held. Hopefully, there is a transcript somewhere and we can dig it up for you.

That’s it. another sleepy meeting of a very professional Planning Commission. Perhaps Jerry Amante could be mentored by Jeff Thompson who seems to know how to treat and respect people even when they have disparate viewpoints.

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I am a retired peace officer from the 2nd largest law enforcement agency in Orange County. I live in and love Tustin where my family and I have resided for the past 25 years. I am a highly moderate libertarian that despises hardcore Republicans, Democrats and anyone else who is not willing to compromise for the good of the people.

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