More on the Holland Resignation

Hmmm. While working on another article for OTT, I came across this small bit of information on Deborah Gavello’s website:

I continue to be deeply concerned with the control that the Mayor exerts on the city council, city staff, and our contract attorneys. It is my opinion that his overbearing appetite for control is contributing to a work environment that is oppressing the very freedoms that the Mayor purports to embrace.

I originally questioned the sudden departure of our city attorney. Now, it looks as if there may be more to this than some first thought. Amante’s desire for control over every aspect of city business is well known. That another councilmember would publicly be concerned over this and name, specifically, the “contract attorneys” in her message, is revealing, to say the least. The question again arises, will Amante seek a new contractor for legal services and, if so, why?

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