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Tustin Awarded Grant for Frontier Park

frontier parkThe State Department of Community and Development has awarded a grant to the city of Tustin for improvements at Frontier Park. The $267,700 grant was provided through the Housing Related Parks Program.

According to the press release, the HRP was developed to increase the overall supply of housing to lower income households by providing financial incentives to cities and counties with newly constructed low income housing. Tustin qualifies through its affordable housing programs.

Tustin intends to use the funds for improvements to the park such as sprayground recycled water equipment (rather timely, due to the drought) and other amenities.

On the Planning Commission Agenda – April 8, 2014

agenda-clipartIt looks like another easy week for the Tustin City Planning Commission due to the sole Public Hearing being postponed at the request of the applicant.

The Public Hearing on CUP 2013-13 and Design Review 2013-11 is for a 50 foot disguised cell tower located in a business park near Walnut and Tustin Ranch Road. Smartlink, the acquisition company, does not specify the reason for delay in its postponement request. In any case, it doesn’t look too ominous since it will be back on the agenda later this month.

In the atta boy category, the Planning Department would like the commissioners to recognize and commend the efforts of Code Enforcement officers, Brad Steen and George Wiesinger who have both worked years for the city. This is not their first commendation or award but it is overdue as they do a great job for the citizens of our town. You can read the full commendation here.

The final item on the agenda is the Draft City of Tustin Cultural Resources District Commercial Design Guidelines. The Planning Department is ready to release the draft for public review. This guideline has been a long time coming and I hope everyone, particularly in the Old Town area, will take the time to read it during the review period and comment on it as appropriate.

That’s it for the week. The wife and I will be heading south for a convention and mini-vacation of sorts. So, our usual missives this week will be short, if not absent altogether.


On the Planning Commission Agenda – March 25, 2014

agenda-clipartNot much happening at the Tustin Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday. Prior to the meeting, the commissioners will meet as the Board of Appeals only to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.

The regular agenda begins with a Public Hearing on a reuse of the old Acorn Naturist building. Applicants are asking to reconfigure the use to all offices on the upper floor and retail use on the first floor of the building. Outwardly, there should be no difference to the casual person looking at the building. The Community Development Department is recommending the changes that will include the payment of $240 a year for 4 public parking spaces. This allows the owner to comply with parking regulations without coming up with new spaces.

The only other significan item on the agenda is the request by the Community Development Department to release the draft commercial design guidelines for public review. As usual, Elizabeth Binsack has failed to recognize that anything occurring in the Old Town area impacts the residents. The sole concern of the city is from the business community and how they will react to the guidelines. Hopefully the Tustin Preservation Conservancy as well as the Historical Society will have some say in critiquing the draft.

Assuming the Planning Commission gives the go ahead, the draft guidelines should be available to the public starting in early April. Look for it on the city website. Once they are published, a link will be provided on the blog. We encourage everyone in Old Town, as well as the rest of Tustin, to take a look and provide input to the Planning Commission.

The last item on the agenda is a summary of projects, updating the January “Year in Review” report. Several project will be discussed including the Del Rio building that is currently finishing construction on the old Riteway Cleaners parcel, as well as the Vintage Lady historic building which burned down some time ago. Local historical architect Nathan Menard worked on plans for both buildings.  Locals will be distressed to hear the required bathrooms for the Wilcox Manor are nearing completion. Of good news is the resurfacing of the parking structure behind Rutabegorz Restaurant.

That’s it for a short week. Reports from staff will keep the meeting at an intolerable length. At least our commissioners will earn their stipend.


City To Hold Second Park Design Forum

Tustin SealTUSTIN, CA — The City of Tustin Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a second Park Design Forum on March 19, 2014, at 6:00 pm in the City Council Chambers, adjacent to the Tustin Library. The Forum is designed to review the refined concept plan of the future Tustin Legacy Park that will be located on Valencia Avenue, between Landsdowne Road and Severyns Road. The first desgin forum was held February 19, 2014.

This second Park Design Forum will be held as part of the regularly scheduled Community Services Commission Meeting and give park neighbors and stakeholders a chance to review the refined plan and provide input on the 33 acre park design.

For more information, call the Parks and Recreation Department at (714) 573-3326.


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